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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4430 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4430 Start

So Parker immediately acted like an aggrieved child after seeing his parents,

Crying and said, “Senior Brother Yuan …… You are finally back senior brother Yuan ……”

Karl hurriedly went forward, while supporting him, while painfully said,

“Senior brother Zhang, how did your cultivation lost?!”

Parker said with remorse, “Brother, you do not know, today noon, Mr. Wade came to the house for a banquet,”

“I had no eyes, did not know his stature, in front of Mr. Wade I was reckless,”

“Mr. Wade then abolished my cultivation, let me have been kneeling in the restaurant until now ……”

After saying that, he suddenly remembered something and said offhandedly,

“Brother, Mr. Wade said that someone will come back to teach me a lesson for him,”

“And he should be talking about you, right ……”

Karl was shocked.

He knew that Charlie was very strong, so strong that he was unpredictable,

But he did not expect that he had directly nullified all of Parker’s cultivation.

What he couldn’t believe was that although Parker had lost his cultivation,

His meridians were intact, and there was no sign of fracture and ruin,

Which meant that Parker’s cultivation had not been violently destroyed.

This point alone made Karl’s expression awe-inspiring.

Violently destroying a person’s cultivation is actually not that difficult,

As long as he is not your opponent, you can violently destroy all his meridians while knocking him down.

This is the same as picking off a person’s tendons and hamstrings, simple and crude.

However, Charlie can do it this way, it comes out even more bizarre.

The meridians were intact, but the cultivation was completely ruined,

Which gave Karl a feeling as if Charlie had used some kind of power to completely seal Parker’s cultivation.

If Charlie really had this kind of strength,

Then he would no longer be on the same level as the martial artists in the world.

Thinking of this, he was extremely shocked in his heart.

At the same time, he also subconsciously wanted to plead for mercy for his poor brother.

However, as soon as he thought of what Parker had just said,

He immediately realized that since Charlie had asked him to teach Senior Brother Zhang a lesson for him,

He could not directly ask Charlie for mercy.

So, he looked at Parker and slapped him across the face, and shouted angrily,

“Parker, how dare you! How dare you even offend Mr. Wade! Do you really not know how much you weigh?!”

Parker was frozen by the slap of his brother, but he also quickly understood,

That he had livened up Charlie, it was impossible to pull out safely,

Now he could only think of every way to make Charlie satisfied.

And brother slapped him, it is to give Charlie an explanation.

Thinking of this, he also hurriedly said with remorse:

“Brother, I know I’m wrong …… It was my eyes that offended Mr. Wade, please punish senior brother ……”

Karl slapped again and said coldly, “Of course, I have to chastise you!”

“Otherwise, with a character like you, do you still want Mr. Wade to personally take action?”

After saying that, the remaining light quietly glanced at Charlie,

And saw that Charlie’s expression was cold and unmoved,

So he could not help but grit his teeth and rushed forward,

Kicking Parker to the ground and cursing angrily,

“Today, I will teach you a good lesson for Mr. Wade, you blind ba5tard!”

After saying that, he grabbed Parker and slapped him on the face one after another,

And for a while, he slapped Parker’s nose and face.

Parker was slapped one after another, but did not dare to have any anger,

But with a humble face choked: “Brother is right, a thousand mistakes,”

“It is my eyes without pearls that caused the disaster, I am a ba5tard, I deserve to die ……”

Charlie who can see these two people’s bitter plan coldly spoke:

“All right! You brothers do not have to act in front of me! You Mr. Karl seven-star martial artist,”

“Beat a cripple with so many slaps, but not even a tooth came out,”

“You really think I am stupid, so you are here to trick me?”