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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4429 Free Novel

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In Charlie’s opinion, the primary condition for a family to prosper and flourish must be internal unity.

The biggest advantage of unity is that it can avoid internal conflict to the maximum extent possible,

And all the energy of this family will be used to do useful work.

In this way, even if the family is facing unsteady waters,

The family will certainly maintain an upward trend.

But if there is a split and confrontation within the family,

The vast majority of energy will be consumed in the internal struggle.

In this way, the family not only does not have enough energy to do useful work,

But also because of the constant internal depletion, the fall into the quagmire of regression is unavoidable.

If it keeps consuming a lot internally, even if it is trillions of family assets, there will be a day when it is exhausted.

That’s why Charlie reminded Stella that she must keep a complete eye on the Fei family members to ensure,

That they all keep up with her, and once she finds a problem,

She must not be merciful and must kill the issue it early in the cradle.

Stella naturally understood Charlie’s meaning, nodded repeatedly, and said,

“Mr. Wade, please rest assured, I will definitely pay more attention.”

Charlie saw that she seemed to be more or less apprehensive,

So he gave her an encouraging look and said seriously,

“After you finish dealing with the matter of Randal,”

“The Fei family will definitely fall into an unprecedented low because of this incident,”

“But I believe in your ability and you will definitely be able to lead the Fei family out of the low.”

Stella said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for your encouragement,”

“I will do my best to get the Fei family through the trough as soon as possible.”

Saying that she gave a slight pause, her hot eyes fixed on Charlie,

And said offhandedly, “In the future, if Mr. Wade has anything for the Fei family,”

“Just ask, no one in the Fei family dares to disobey!”

Charlie nodded and said, “If there is a need, I will not be polite with you.”

After saying that, he looked at Karl Yuan beside the old man and said,

“Among these martial arts experts of the Fei family, you are the strongest,”

“So you will be ensuring Miss Fei’s safety from now on.”

Karl was busy saying respectfully, “Mr. Wade …… I should have returned to my division to return to my orders,”

“In the future, my senior brother Parker Zhang will be responsible for the safety of the Fei family.”

Charlie frowned and said, “Parker Zhang? It can’t be that five-star martial artist, right?”

Karl asked, “Mr. Wade has met senior brother Zhang?”

Charlie sneered, “No surprise, he should still be kneeling in the restaurant.”

After saying that, he looked at Adam and said in a cold voice, “Go and call Parker over.”

Adam dared not disobey and hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade wait a moment, I will go and call ……”

Soon, Adam came over with Parker, whose legs were constantly swinging.

At this time, between the crotch of the legs of Paker, there has been a large white stain,

Accompanied by a burst of foul odor, so that people can immediately guess…

That is the urine alkali formed after urinating his pants.

As soon as Parker saw Charlie, he couldn’t help but kneel on the ground and choked:

“Mr. Wade …… I have been listening to your instructions kneeling in the dining room,”

“Even for a moment, I did not get up, please,”

“For the sake of my loyalty, my cultivation restored it ……”

Saying that he can not control the wailing.

Decades of cultivation, in an instant turned into nothing,

This kind of blow to Parker can be called a disaster of extinction.

So, as long as he can get back his cultivation, let him do anything he is willing to do.

Karl didn’t expect that, after only half a month of not seeing him,

His spirited senior brother had fallen to this state.

He was then surprised to find that Parker, at this time, had no trace of cultivation on his body,

And had just become an ordinary person, which made him startled and said offhandedly,

“Senior brother Zhang, what’s wrong with you?

Parker had focused all the attention on Charlie, suddenly heard Karl speak,

Then realized that his senior brother had actually returned,