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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4425 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4425 Start

Charlie’s words caused Stella’s entire body to be slightly stunned.

She had been at sea all this time and hadn’t had the chance to have any contact with her parents at all.

And this time when she came back, she also did not see her parents,

Including as well her brother and sister in the family.

Therefore, she could basically conclude that Eldest Uncle had already kicked,

Her family out of the family after he had taken away Grandpa’s power.

In the big family, the first thing the new head of the family will do after taking office is,

Definitely to suppress the brothers who are a threat to them, or who have been coincidentally disagreeable to them,

And also to leave a few loyal brothers around as their right-hand men,

And then after the kingdom is firmly established, then this group of loyal brothers will also be driven out,

In this way, basically, even if all threats are cut off,

And these brothers who are driven out of the family become foreign relatives.

If Stella does not become the head of the family, no matter who is present to succeed,

Her family will not be able to return to the Fei family.

They can only take a small amount of assets and set up their own business outside,

From then on they are just reduced to the Fei family’s foreign relatives.

Thinking of this, she immediately clenched her teeth and said to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, I am willing to be the head of the Fei family!”

Stella knew very well that this Fei family headship was not a good job.

With her own age, experience, and network resources,

She is afraid it would be difficult to sit firmly in this position.

But she is also very clear, she now has no other way, and can only meet the difficulties.

The things that follow are unknown but in her opinion,

It’s just a matter of opening a road on every mountain and building a bridge in case it’s water.

Although the difficulty is great, but there is still hope.

Charlie saw Stella finally take a stand, nodded in satisfaction, looked at Dawson, and spoke:

“The current Fei family head is still you, so it will be hard for you to do the formalities,”

“For the transfer of office in a while, you know this kind of thing, it has to be legal.”

“Okay Mr. Wade, I will definitely cooperate fully!”

Even though Dawson’s heart was reluctant, at this moment, he did not dare to say more, and could only promise.

He knew very well in his heart that he had no choice and no right to refuse,

Because of this person Charlie did not play by the usual rules,

He directly brought Cataclysmic Front to his door, and even shot his precious grandson in front of him,

If he angered him in this situation, he might even pick up a gun and put a bullet in his head.

In this case, even if he is still the head of the Fei family, there is no chance of turning the tide.

The most important thing is to make the most of the time to step aside,

And win a good impression in front of Charlie, so that he can get some benefits for himself in the future.

Subsequently, Charlie looked at Douglas and said lightly,

“Elder Fei, although the head of the Fei family is Dawson,”

“The majority of the Fei family’s assets should still be under your name, right?”

Dawson hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, most of the Fei family’s assets are indeed under my name ……”

Charlie nodded and said, “To be honest, you are not young, if you really want to live a long life,”

“You still need to put away your utilitarianism, I suggest that you might as well,”

“Give all the assets under your name to Miss Fei, since she is the head of the family,”

“You have to give her all the rivers and mountains, just give her the position of head of the family,”

“But the assets are in your hands, it will be a great constraint for her.”

“It would be better to let her unify and centralize the power,”

“Which would also allow the Fei family’s resources to be most effective, what do you think?”