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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4423 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4423 Start

Charlie frowned and asked in return, “What? One hundred percent is not a stain?”

“Besides, do you think you only have this one stain?”

“Dawson, don’t forget that it was you who took your father’s position as the head of the family,”

“And sent people to hunt him down everywhere.”

“Why don’t we just expose this matter as well and ask the general public in America what they think?”

“This …… this ……”

Dawson was speechless for a moment.

If people talk about how he won the family headship,

He can confidently and proudly say that he obtained it through legal means.

In the past and present, all the big things, all pay attention to a division out of the fame,

Even the ten evil invaders, will make up a set of crowning lies, not to mention Dawson.

However, if people know that he hunted his own father all over the world, this is not a masterpiece.

Once this kind of scandal is exposed, it is impossible for him…

To continue sticking to the position of the family head, there is no other choice but to resign.

Thinking of this, he could only make his last effort and said,

“Mr. Wade, however, both my father and I are tainted,”

“And are no longer suitable to be the family head, then why not let my son Adam take over!”

To Dawson, if he had to give up his position as a last resort,

It would definitely be to give it to his son.

However, Charlie refused him without hesitation and said in a cold voice,

“What? The matter of Randal is just about to be exposed,”

“And you want Randal’s father to be the head of the family?”

“Do you think that whoever has the biggest stain is suitable to be the head of the family?”

“I …… this ……” Dawson was speechless.

Only then did he realize that when Charlie threw out this taint theory,

Not only himself and the old man were rejected, but even his oldest son Adam was also rejected.

He just wanted to propose to his second son along the way,

But at this time, his mind suddenly came back to him:

“Charlie has been going around for half a day, just wanting Stella to be the head of the Fei family, right?”

“The reason why not explicitly say it, certainly want to engage in a smooth invasion,”

“So that others have nothing to say, if I continue to be hard-headed at this time against,”

“Once this Charlie is pi55ed off, absolutely no good end for me ……”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade …… In that case,”

“Then I have a more suitable candidate to suggest ……”

At this time, Dawson’s second son, David, was already excited and unbearably happy.

He felt that he was not tainted in any way,

And since his elder brother could not inherit the family headship,

He just happened to take over and pick up a ready-made one.

And, he also feels that his father will definitely propose himself to Charlie at this time.

Charlie looked at Dawson with interest and asked, “What suitable candidate, tell us.”

No one expected, Dawson at this time hands clasped fist, respectfully said:

“Mr. Wade, I think, at this time the most suitable to take over the family head, is my niece, Stella ……”

Once these words came out, David’s entire body collapsed and shouted,

“Dad! How can a girl be the head of the Fei family? You’re just old and confused!”

Dawson glared at David and said angrily, “Shut up!”

David was scared by his glare and winced, so he could only shut his mouth with good sense.

Douglas also did not expect that Dawson would change so quickly,

And directly propose to make his granddaughter Stella the head of the family.

In his heart, he could not help but think:

“Dawson has seen Charlie’s intention and has started to use the slope to curry favor with him and Stella ……”

At this time, Charlie looked at Douglas and asked,

“Elder Fei, what do you think about Dawson’s proposal?”

Douglas was helpless to the core,

He knew that his wish to take back the family head position today was a complete lost cause.

It seemed that under Charlie’s influence, there was no way for his son Dawson,

To continue to sit on the family head’s seat as well.

This also means that although he didn’t take back the family head position,