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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4418 Free Novel

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Speaking here, Charlie emotionally got excited all of a sudden and loudly questioned:

“But! Even if you can use the money to make the victims’ families thankful to you,”

“Those victims who died in your hands, it is no longer possible to come back from the dead!”

“They can no longer feel the beauty of the world and live the rest of their lives in a natural way!”

“So, who told you that if you give a sum of money and compensate the families of the victims,”

“The matter will be solved perfectly? Who gave you this blind confidence?”

Douglas was dumbfounded, and fine beads of sweat had covered his entire forehead by now.

He knew that his reaction just now had inadvertently touched Charlie’s scales of rebellion.

So, he hurriedly said respectfully and incomparably, “Sorry Mr. Wade, it was my poor consideration ……”

Charlie looked at him and said slightly mockingly,

“Old man, your son’s usurpation of your power is not his fault alone,”

“Your selfish and self-interested character accounts for at least half of it.”

Douglas cold sweat but did not dare to wipe, could only humbly bow and said,

“Mr. Wade is right in his criticism ……” Charlie said coldly:

“Later I will make all the videos public, at that time, the Fei family had better hold a press conference first,”

“And sincerely apologize to the world, if you handle it well, then I can no longer pursue it after that,”

“But if you do not handle it well, I will definitely kill the head of your Fei family first,”

“And then let the next head continue to handle it.”

“If the next family head does not satisfy me, I will kill him and find the next one,”

“This will continue until this matter is properly resolved!”

When the Fei family heard these words, they all shuddered.

And Charlie didn’t pay any more attention to them at this time,

But turned to Joseph and said, “Joseph, bring the people here.”

“Okay, Mr. Wade!” Joseph immediately took out his cell phone and issued an order to his men.

A few minutes later a helicopter landed directly outside the door of the first-floor hall.

A few soldiers from Front escorted Randal, who was wearing only a pair of pants, and Jesse in.

At this moment, the two people had already been tortured to the point of being unrecognizable.

The ears were gone, the body was covered with bruises,

And the spirit was incomparably decrepit, almost half of their lives had been lost.

Randal was escorted in, as soon as he saw Adam and Dawson,

He immediately howled and cried: “Dad, grandfather, save me ah …… I’m being tortured to death ……”

Before being beaten to the ground Adam looked at his son’s this miserable state,

In the heart, it is naturally an unconscious surge of heartache.

He subconsciously opened his mouth and called out, “Randal …… my son ……”

The words just fell, from the side Dawson slapped him in the face and angrily cursed:

“Ba5tard thing! Still call this beast a son?!”

Adam instantly had a jolt, his expression became frightened and afraid.

Randal looked at Dawson and said with a shocked face,

“Grandpa …… you don’t recognize me anymore Grandpa ……”

Dawson roared in anger: “Shut the fcuk up! I do not have a grandson like you!”

“You beastly thing! You have disgraced the entire Fei family!”

Randal was violently shocked, looked at Charlie, and then at Dawson, muttered,

“Grandpa …… you …… you know all about it?!”

Dawson gritted his teeth and cursed, “How did my Fei family produce such a sgum like you!”

Randal panicked, and saw that Douglas was also here,

And did not care about the shock, and hurriedly cried,

“Grandpa …… please help me …… I’m really being tortured to death by them… …please ……”

Douglas was even more furious, pointing at his nose and cursing,

“Son of a b!tch, you even don’t deserve to die!”

Randal this time completely panicked, he did not expect that the formerly doting relatives of his own,

Now so indifferent to him, if they are not willing to save him, then will not he only have only one way to die!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly turned around and kneeled down in front of Charlie with a poof,

Crying and saying, “Mr. Wade …… I know I’m wrong ……”

“I really know I’m wrong… …Please spare me this time Mr. Wade ……”

Charlie ignored him and instead extended his hand to Joseph.

Joseph understands, immediately from the back waist of a soldier pulled out a pistol,

Handed it respectfully handed to Charlie.

Charlie took the gun, put the muzzle against Randal’s head, looked at Adam,

And questioned in a loud voice: “Adam, today I kill your son to remove the harm for the people,”

“And do justice for heaven! Are you convinced about this act being right?”