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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4417 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4417 Start

Stella’s words made each and every member of the Fei family ashamed beyond measure.

These words made them truly realize that they were not innocent, and neither was the Fei family!

They had previously thought of sacrificing Randal alone to save the reputation of the entire family,

Which was equivalent to shirking their responsibilities in front of Charlie.

Dawson was the first to come back to his senses at this time,

He looked at Charlie and said in horror,

“Mr. Wade …… the reason why you pushed the kidnapping of Randal into a global attention hotspot, is ……”

“It is just to make the remainder of the Fei family a defeat?!”

Charlie sneered and spoke, “I just want to make Randal, as well as the Fei family,”

“Pay the price of coping for this matter!”

“Randal has done so many heartless things, these things, deserve to be completely exposed.”

After saying that, Charlie looked at Stella and said with satisfaction,

“Miss Fei, so many people and so many mouths in the Fei family,”

“Only you are the only one who spoke a solution that is truly sincere,”

“What others are thinking in their heads is just how to suppress the matter,”

“And frankly speaking, they just want to shirk their responsibilities.”

Then, he looked around for a long time, staring at the Fei family members, said in a cold voice:

“From the bottom of your bones, you do not have a guilty heart about this matter!”

How dare you want to rely on money to solve it? I ask you, is money all-powerful?”

None of the Fei family members dared to respond at this moment.

Charlie looked at Douglas and asked in a cold voice,

“Elder Fei, if I remember correctly, you are already over ninety years old this year, right?”

Douglas hastily replied with fear and trepidation,

“Yes Mr. Wade, I am ninety-six this year ……”

Charlie nodded and looked at him and asked,

“Ninety-six is already a long life, but you still want to buy the Rejuvenation Pill at such an old age,”

“So you still haven’t lived long enough, right?”

Douglas said awkwardly, “Yes …… you are right …… who does not want to live a long life ……”

“I also really feel that I have not lived long enough ……”

Charlie asked him rhetorically, “Then let me ask you, since you, an old man who is almost 100 years old,”

“Have not lived long enough, then do you think those girls who were killed by Randal,”

“Who were in their teens and twenties, have they lived long enough?”

Douglas did not expect that Charlie had actually returned to the topic of those innocent girls,

At this point, he could only stiffen his head and sweat,

“They …… they certainly did not live long enough ……”

Charlie’s voice raised a few points, and he coldly questioned:

“Then since they did not live enough, you pay the money to bring them back from the dead?”

Douglas could only say incomparably embarrassed: “Mr. Wade …… more money can not bring people back to life, but ……”

“If the compensation is enough money, it will definitely give their families a satisfactory solution,”

“And can make their family clothed and fed for life ……”

Charlie snorted and nodded, “Yes, you’re right! This is the inherent thinking of you rich people,”

“Killing a person on a whim, or accidentally running over a person,”

“Or killing a person by inadvertent mistake,”

“In the eyes of you rich people, it can all be solved with money.”

“Even you can use an excessive, huge amount of money so that the families of the victims,”

“Not only do not hate you in their hearts but also can not help but appreciate you,”

“Even if they go to court, they will also show their understanding of you in front of the judge ……”