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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4415 Free Novel

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How could Stella expect that Charlie would let her express her opinion at such a time?

She was very clear about her position in the Fei family,

Not to mention that she was no match for Dawson and Adam, even Randal was no match for her.

Don’t look at her grandfather’s favor, but when it comes to seniority,

She can only silently stand back and retreat.

Moreover, she was here tonight and did not see her parents,

From which she could also guess that her eldest uncle might have expelled her parents,

Long ago from the Fei family, and at such a time, she would have even less courage here.

Charlie saw that she was a little weak, so he said:

“Miss Fei, if you have ideas, just say, say it and do not be afraid to offend people,”

“I will give you a chance to make a decision!”

Stella pursed her lips, and her heart suddenly became a lot more solid.

With Charlie to make her decision, she immediately plucked up courage and said aloud:

“Mr. Wade, I think the best solution now, on the one hand, is to make Randal pay for what he has done!”

When Adam and his wife heard this, they exploded, and his wife pointed at her and cursed angrily,

“Stella, you heartless little cousin, our Randal is your nephew, you can’t bear to let him die?”

Adam also gritted his teeth and cursed, “Stella, Stella, you really have a snake’s heart!”

“Do you think that since we drove your parents away,”

“You are looking for this opportunity to take personal revenge?”

Charlie frowned slightly at this time, and said to Joseph:

“Joseph, these two people chattering is very annoying, slap your mouth!”

Without saying a word, Joseph quickly stepped forward and slapped Adam, and sent him flying backward,

Followed by a slap on his wife’s face, directly spinning her around several times and fainting on the spot.

At this time, Charlie looked at Stella and said, “You continue.”

Stella nodded and continued, “On the other hand,”

“We should immediately make what he did public, we must not conceal it for him!”

When Stella said this, everyone was dumbfounded!

Dawson was shocked, and Douglas was even more shocked!

They all knew very well that if this matter was made public,

It would be a crushing blow to the entire Fei family.

This could become the biggest scandal of the century, not anything less.

Therefore, both of them stared at Stella with extremely incredible eyes,

Wondering why she would come up with such a solution that would push the entire Fei family into the abyss.

However, neither Dawson nor Douglas dared to open their mouths to refute Stella’s words at this time,

And they could only look at Charlie with trepidation, wondering how he would react.

Charlie opened his mouth at this time and looked at Douglas, coldly saying,

“Elder Fei, now you know the gap between you and Miss Fei, right?”

When Douglas heard this, his heart was dead.

He thought that Stella was deliberately playing a strong hand to break his wrist as a way to get Charlie’s goodwill.

He even felt that she probably wanted to take this opportunity to take over the position of the Fei family’s head.

This made him feel a little angrier at her in his heart all of a sudden.

Originally, he still wanted to take this opportunity to regain the power,

But did not expect that his most trusted granddaughter, at this time, jumped out to copy his bottom!

He couldn’t help but look at Stella, his eyes were full of anger and questioning.

The first time Stella saw her grandfather looking at herself with such a look,