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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4411 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4411 Start

Charlie’s words made Dawson and Adam’s faces pale.

They have long vaguely guessed that Randal is likely to run into a big trouble,

But their knowledge is limited, in a short time they did not find out,

What did Randal do that actually made the gods outraged?

And listening to Charlie’s angry rebuke, it seems that Randal still has a lot of life cases on his hands,

Which instantly made the two people terrified.

Dawson hurriedly spoke: “Mr. Wade …… Randal’s affairs, I really know very little,”

“The things you say, I have never heard of …… And …… And ……”

Dawson said, subconsciously glanced at his son Adam beside him, torn for a moment,

Then decide to pour the pot, said seriously: “And …… This Randal grew up not under my discipline,”

“I have not been much involved in his growth and training, it is my son Adam’s education and training ……”

Adam heard these words, his scared body shivered, he was dreaming,

The old man is still remembering the noon meal revenge,

Until now he did not forget to dump the pot on him.

So, he could only say with trepidation: “Mr. Wade, I’m not going to lie to you,”

“I’ve been lacking sufficient concern for Randal’s growth, the boy grew up in an aristocratic school,”

“And has been boarding at school since he was 12 or 13 years old,”

“He has rarely come home, and his mother has always been arrogant towards him, lacking discipline ……”

Wife of Adam also panicked at this point and said offhandedly,

“Adam! At this time you still want to drag me down with you?”

Adam hurriedly said, “No, no, I didn’t mean that, what I meant was ……”

“We both …… We are really negligent in disciplining our children ……”

Charlie saw this family dumping the burden on each other, sneered:

“Since your family generations like to shirk responsibility,”

“Then I will find another person over,”

“To see if he is also like you guys and have no responsibility!”

After saying that, he looked at Joseph and spoke, “Joseph, bring the person in.”

“As you command!” Joseph turned around and went out,

And soon, he came with three people in stride.

When the Fei family saw the three people,

Each of their expressions was extremely shocked.

Especially Dawson, his legs were weak and trembling in fear,

As if he was a mouse that had seen a cat.

These three people were Douglas, the old man of the Fei family,

Stella, the eldest lady of the Fei family,

nd Karl Yuan, the personal bodyguard of the old man!

Although Douglas had been sitting in the helicopter,

His mood had already been a bit excited to press on.

He finally realized why he and his granddaughter had been called back to New York urgently from the Indian Ocean.

It turned out that it was his own son and grandson,

Who had caused big trouble and offended Charlie here!

And this is simply a heavenly opportunity for him.

Previously, he thought that he had no chance to turn over a new leaf in his life,

And he had no chance to get revenge for being driven out of office,

By his own son and landed in a foreign country.

Therefore, at this moment, his heart was incomparably excited.

And when he saw Dawson, his excitement was replaced by monstrous anger!

He stared at Dawson with his eyes firmly fixed on him and angrily rebuked out of his mouth,

“You beast! I have given you life and let you enjoy all the glory and wealth in your life!”

“How dare you usurp my power and want my life!”

Dawson was shivering with fear and stammered, “Dad …… Dad, you misunderstood Dad ……”

“I don’t want to usurp your power, nor do I want your life,”

“I just want the Fei family to develop steadily, you had to spend 200 billion dollars on medicine at once,”

“This was really a huge burden for the Fei family ……”