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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4406 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4406 Start

Looking at the darkness around him, Dawson immediately asked nervously:

“What’s going on? Why did the power go out when it was fine?”

“Don’t we have multiple power sources to protect us?”

Adam also nervous, said: “Dad, our family estate has three power lines,”

“And we spent a lot of money, to find the electricity talent to do a foolproof power supply system,”

“The three lines belong to different power companies,”

“If anyone or even the two companies’ power supply has problems,”

“It should not affect our normal electricity …… “

Said, Adam added: “And …… And grandfather also let those professionals,”

“In the manor underground to do a large-capacity backup battery and generator set,”

“So that in extreme circumstances, once the three power lines are out of order,”

“Our battery set can seamlessly switch, continue to provide us with power security,”

“While buried in the underground diesel generator set will also immediately start,”

“With our diesel reserves, even if the power outage is for a year it can fully cope,”

“Not in any sense it should be this complete power outage ……”

Dawson said in a panic: “The situation that shouldn’t occur has appeared,”

“That means you are saying that all the backup measures have gone wrong!”

“That can’t be right!” Adam said offhandedly,

“We have a team of more than 30 engineers who are specifically responsible for the daily maintenance,”

“And upkeep of these devices, how could all of them go wrong at once?”

Dawson blurted out, “How can we ask this? It must be the man named Wade who started it! He must have done this!”

“This is also impossible ……” Adam said:

“You want to say he cut our power lines from the outside,”

“It is possible, but our batteries and generators and emergency shelters are built underground,”

“Without our design blueprints, they may not be able to dig three feet to find,”

“And even if they can find the location of the batteries and generators,”

“I’m afraid they can not afford to go in ……”

This just finished, and all the lights suddenly came back on.

Adam breathed a sigh of relief and said offhandedly,

“There’s electricity again, I guess the system was malfunctioning somehow.”

Dawson still frowned and said,

“With such a complete power supply system, how can there be such a malfunction?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard someone outside suddenly shouting in panic:

“Everyone be careful, I feel like someone is intruding!”

The Fei family suddenly became nervous, and then someone else outside shouted,

“Oh no! The brothers outside have all lost contact!”

“Quick! Quickly turn on the safety and shoot if you see anyone!”

Adam said in a panic: “Did someone really sneak in? It’s not the one named Wade, is it?”

After that, he looked at Dawson and blurted out,

“Dad! That Wade is a martial arts master, in case he bypasses the others,”

“And gives us a direct capture, it will be a problem!”

When Dawson heard this, his heart was equally frightened and afraid, and he hurriedly said,

“Quick! Quickly let the bodyguards in! Protect me closely!”

As he was saying that, he heard a very thick voice from outside:

“I am Joseph Wan, the commander of the Cataclysmic Front!”

“If you bodyguards don’t want to die, put down your guns,”

“And come out with your hands up and surrender immediately!”

“If you surrender, I guarantee on my character that I will not make things difficult for you!”

“But if any of you dare to fight against the Cataclysmic Front,”

“I will not only make his head fall to the ground,”

“But after today, I will also make his family’s life worse than a nightmare!”