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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4403 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4403 Start

David remembered something and said, “Right, big brother,”

“Parker told me that the man surnamed Wade has given word that he will come again tonight!”

Dawson and Adam simultaneously shivered and said in terror, “What did you say?

For the father and son of the Fei family,

Although they had only met Charlie once or twice, they were already extremely afraid of him.

This was also the fundamental reason why they did not dare to seek revenge on him.

Even after they had suffered both mental and physical humiliation and knew that he had kidnapped their grandson.

But they never thought that just because they didn’t dare to go to Charlie,

It didn’t mean that he won’t dare to come to them.

Dawson was frightened and afraid, and said in a hurry,

“Quick! Quickly get all the bodyguards together!”

“Make sure they are armed with live ammunition!”

“If that person named Wade dares to come, shoot him to death!!!”

David didn’t dare to delay and said, “Yes dad, I’ll go arrange it now!”

Dawson said, “Quick! Take me to the emergency shelter first!”

For a large family like the Fei family, all kinds of safety hazards had to be considered,”

“So they had an emergency shelter built a hundred meters deep underground inside the manor.

This emergency shelter can withstand a nuclear bomb attack, and the White House emergency shelter is basically on the same level.

As long as you can hide inside the emergency shelter, and the passage is completely closed,

Even the great golden immortal can not touch the people inside.

And it is equipped with a very powerful life support system and a large number of supplies,

For a dozen people living in it for a year is not a problem.

Only, this emergency shelter, from its construction until now,

Has never really been put into use, but only as backup facility maintenance.

The Fei family also believes that as long as there is no World War 3, this place basically will not be used.

But no one expected, because of a young man, today this emergency shelter will come in handy.

The old lady was still a bit confused and said,

“Dawson, why do you have to make such a fuss?”

“Even if the kid named Wade is stronger than Parker,”

“We have so many armed bodyguards in the Fei family, can’t we stop him alone?”

Dawson said nervously, “I don’t know if so many bodyguards can help him,”

“But I don’t dare to take any risks! You are not the one who was held down to pour a few pounds of white wine,”

“If you were me, you would also be afraid!”

Saying that he said without question,

“You all stop talking so much and take me to the emergency shelter! Immediately! Now!”

The old lady had no choice, so she said to her third son, Daniel,

“Daniel, hurry up and have someone arrange to take your father to the emergency shelter.”

Adam hurriedly said, “I want to go!”

The old lady glared at him and said with hatred, “Look at you, you’re so useless!”

“That Wade kidnapped your son and cut off his ear!”

“Instead of daring to take revenge for your son, you have become a shrinking turtle!”

Hearing this, Dawson’s expression became extremely ugly.

When his wife called his son a shrunken-headed turtle, wasn’t that the same as calling him a turtle?

At this time, Adam’s face was even more embarrassed,

And for a while, it was also a bit difficult to ride the tiger.

At this time, Dawson’s housekeeper came over in a panic,

Without knocking on the door, and rushed in directly, saying offhandedly, “Master, it’s not good!”