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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 440 Free Novel

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There are many kinds of ginseng, common ginseng, American ginseng, red ginseng, purple ginseng, and wild ginseng. Among them, purple ginseng is the rarest and the most expensive.

And ginseng itself has a lifespan, and most of them cannot live for a hundred years. Therefore, it is not to say that a ginseng plant has not been picked, it can become a hundred-year-old ginseng or a hundred-year-old ginseng. More than a hundred years will come to an end.

Ginseng that can live more than two to three hundred years is the best ginseng, and ginseng that can live more than five hundred years is almost rare. Some people collect ginseng for a lifetime and have no chance to see it.

As for thousands of years of ginseng, it is even more invaluable. It almost only exists in legends, and it is rare to see anyone take it out.

Therefore, this 300-year-old purple ginseng is extremely precious.

At this time, the auction hall was already overcrowded. Most of the people who came were from all over the country in the world of traditional medicine, allopathic medicine, and medicinal materials. There were also many old Chinese doctors who could be regarded as masters of traditional medicine.

Among them, many people are familiar with Tianqi. After seeing Tianqi coming in, they came forward to congratulate him.

These are to congratulate him on successfully curing high paraplegia and creating a miracle in medical history.

But Tianqi was extremely ashamed.

Everyone thinks that he is responsible for the treatment of high-level paraplegia, but only he himself knows that the credit is entirely Charlie’s alone. Mr. Charlie Wade likes to keep a low profile, so he let himself take it for him.

Many people gathered around Tianqi and asked Tianqi how to cure high paraplegia. Tianqi said: “Actually, treating high paraplegia is not my own skill, but a magical medicine I occasionally got has exerted a huge therapeutic effect.”

Someone asked: “Old Shi, can you publish the prescription for this magical medicine? If it is published, it will benefit all mankind!”

“That’s right!” Someone echoed, saying: “Apply a genius doctor, announce this prescription, you may get the Nobel Prize in medicine!”

Tianqi said embarrassingly: “Let’s forget it, it is indeed some inconvenient hidden information.”

At this time, a young man in a suit and leather shoes came to Tianqi, bowed slightly, and said in not fluent Chinese: “Hello, doctor Tianqi, my name is Ichiro Kobayashi, and I am the vice chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”

Tianqi nodded and said, “I know that you Xiaolin Pharmaceutical, I wonder why you are looking for me?”

Ichiro Kobayashi said seriously: “Mr. Shi, our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is the strongest pharmaceutical company in Asia. There are many popular classic drugs that are developed and produced by our company. With such a strong strength to support, we have the ability to carry forward your prescription for high-level paraplegia and sell it to more than 200 countries around the world. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you can sell this prescription to us!”

When Tianqi heard the other party’s words, he couldn’t help but frowned and said, “I remember, many of your medicines were not developed by yourself, and those medicines are all our Kampo!”

The so-called Hanfang is actually an ancient prescription of traditional medicine.

Japan and South Korea were deeply influenced by Chinese culture in ancient times. Naturally, their medicine was also taught from this land’s traditional medicine. Now the pharmaceutical companies in these two countries are all engaged in Kampo medicines, which, to put it bluntly, is plagiarizing things from the Chinese ancestors.

Because ancient Chinese prescriptions are recorded in some pharmacopeias and there is no clear patent copyright protection, these Japanese and Korean pharmaceutical companies have plagiarized various prescriptions from the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia, and then produced a variety of medicines and sold them all over the world.

It would be fine if they made it clear that these medicines originated from ancient Chinese prescriptions, but they just want to publicize that the prescriptions were developed by themselves.

There are even more shameless people who will describe the traditional medicine as a medicine handed down by the ancestors of their own country, making consumers all over the world think that these medicines are really the historical heritage of Japan and South Korea.

This kind of blatant plagiarism has long made Tianqi and a lot of traditional medicine practitioners indignation!

At this time, Ichiro Kobayashi said with an arrogant expression: “Mr. Shi, I want to correct your mistake. All of our medicines at Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, none of them use Kampo, all of which are based on the essence of our Japanese traditional medicine!”