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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4399 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4399 Start

Sara hurriedly replied quickly with her fingers tapping unnoticeably,

“Grandpa is already fine, only he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease,”

“His memory seems to be somewhat degraded,”

“The blood dispersal heart-saving pill failed to cure him of this problem ……”

Charlie saw this paragraph, could not help but frown, and muttered:

“Alzheimer’s disease? Could it be that Great Uncle came to Aurous Hill,”

“To shoot the Rejuvenation Pill just to cure Grandpa of this disease?”

Thinking of Grandpa having Alzheimer’s disease,

Charlie had a few feelings in his heart for a while.

In his impression, grandfather is a very strong person,

He has not only led a strong life but has also maintained a strong self-confidence and aura.

Let such a strong person get Alzheimer’s disease, this is indeed considered inhuman torture.

Although it will not kill a person, but it will destroy a person’s steel-like will.

As for why the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill did not cure Grandpa’s Alzheimer’s disease,

Charlie did not feel surprised, after all, the efficacy of this pill is limited,

After saving Grandpa and curing his brain hemorrhage, the medicinal power must have almost soaked away.

Thinking of this, he sighed gently and replied to Sara:

“It’s good that he’s okay, when do you plan to come back?”

Sara replied, “Grandma still won’t let me go back,”

“She said she wants to give me some kind of gift,”

“So I don’t know what to do, it’s not appropriate for me to receive a gift from grandparents, right?”

Charlie then said, “It’s okay, you can take whatever they give you, nothing is inappropriate.”

Sara had no choice and replied, “Okay, I’ll take it for you first.”

Charlie said, “Silly girl since it’s a meeting gift for you,”

“Just keep it yourself, why do you need to collect it for me?”

Sara sent a shy expression with a text, “Grandfather gave me a mansion in Eastcliff,”

“And said it was for the two of us, let me keep it first,”

“After all, according to him, I am your fiancee!”

“When he finds you, this mansion is for us to live together.”

Charlie was helpless, shaking his head and sighing while replying,

“Okay, no matter what he said, you just take it first.”

At this time, Joseph came to Charlie’s side and respectfully said,

“Mr. Wade, the plane is almost here.”

“Good!” Charlie smiled slightly and spoke,

“The good show is finally about to begin, come with me, let’s go to the airport!”


At this moment.

Ten thousand meters above the sky.

As the plane got closer and closer to the coastline,

Stella could already see the brightly lit city diagonally in front of the plane through the window.

On the plane at night, the big city is extremely eye-catching,

That highly concentrated 10,000 lights can be seen in the night sky even from hundreds of kilometers away.

The moment she saw New York, Stella’s heart was suddenly a little nervous,

She pointed at the lights and asked Douglas beside her:

“Grandpa …… You see there …… Are we …… Are we almost in New York?”

Douglas, who was resting his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes at once.

He looked in the direction of Stella’s finger,

And his whole body could not help but tense up and said offhandedly, “How long have we been flying?”

Stella said, “It’s been more than ten hours.”

“More than ten hours ……” Douglas muttered softly and said with wide eyes,

“Then we’ve already flown over Europe long ago ……

Below is the sea, and in the distance is a city of this size ……”

“It seems …… It really seems to be New York!”