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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4397 Free Novel

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In fact, Tianshi’s heart is once very torn.

He originally did not believe in this blood dispersal heart-saving pill.

He always felt that the life-sustaining pills that he held as precious were even useless,

And there must be nothing in this world that could save Nicolas.

But he never thought that a young actress would have such a miraculous elixir.

That could bring back even a person who was almost declared dead!

The key is, originally Nicolas was dying, this pill, not only pulled him back from the ghost gate,

And even let him instantly recover as if not injured,

This effect, completely subverted Tianshi’s understanding of the word pills.

People who cultivate the Tao, although the focus is on the unity of heaven and man,

Focus on body cultivation, but in fact, they attach most importance to the way of alchemy.

During the feudal era, the Daoist priests who used mercury and vermilion sand to make an elixir,

And then gave it to the emperor to eat it causing his death were basically their predecessors.

When Tianshi first began his monasticism, he also wanted to study the ancient art of alchemy,

But nowadays there are too few surviving ancient books on Pill dictionaries,

And the only few surviving recipes which he actually tested down,

Were nothing of use, so it is difficult to make progress on this piece.

Over the years, he also tried to collect various materials, various pill recipes,

And then also tried to refine many kinds of pills, but basically did not refine any useful ones.

Repeated failures did not make him give up his pursuit of the art of alchemy,

On the contrary, as he grew older, his sense of crisis also grew stronger,

So, in order to be able to truly refine pills that would benefit his life and prolong it,

He began a long-term retreat, shutting himself up in his dojo every day to study the art of alchemy.

Until now, there has been little success.

Because of the numerous setbacks, he even once thought that in this world, there may not exist any elixir,

To bring back the dead and prolong life, everything is just the old ancestors of the Daoist family making up nonsense.

However, now that he has seen the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill,

He immediately began to look forward to the art of alchemy again.

That’s why he came over here with a stiff upper lip and wanted to ask Sara about it.

Sara didn’t have any prejudice against him, so she answered directly,

“This medicine was obtained by my father by chance, but exactly how he got it, he never told me.”

When Tianshi heard this, he immediately said anxiously

“Then can you please Miss Gu, give me your father’s contact information,”

“I really want to know, such a magical elixir, where in the end did he get it ……”

Sara did not expect this Tianshi to want to break the sand pot and ask to the end,

So she could only say, “Sorry, my father is usually busy, please try to understand.”

Tianshi said in a panic:

“Never mind never mind, your father just needs to be able to spare a few minutes,”

“To talk to me about the approximate process of getting the elixir,”

“If he is really not available, I can also fly to the country to meet with him for advice ……”

At this time Marshal, who came back with the title deed document, saw Tianshi entangled with Sara,

His expression was a bit ugly, and he said: “Tianshi, you scoffed at this pill just now,”

“And now you come over to ask questions with a calm face, isn’t this inappropriate?”

“You cultivators. Don’t you all say that you are pure-hearted and have few desires?”

When Master Tianshi heard Marshal’s mockery, although his face could not hang,

But in a tone very sincere and frankly said:

“Young Master An, I’m not going to lie, I’m really a spec sitting in the well and watching the sky,”

“Just before Miss Gu took out the pill, I naively thought that the best pill in the world…”

“Is my treasured Life-sustaining Pill, but now I realize that I was just a frog at the bottom of the well.”