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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4394 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4394 Start

A variety of colors, the majority of the material will have a great variety of internal colors,

And the internal have cracks, miscellaneous colors, such as cotton flocculent.

Generally speaking, out of all, the emperor green color there is only one in ten thousand,

And the emperor green, want to make a piece of jewelry such as a bracelet,

It must be full of green, no cracks, no cotton, no flocculation,

The probability is simply too low to one in a billion.

Old lady’s this bracelet is the real old pit glass imperial green,

And is passed down from the palace of the Qing Dynasty, inherited in order,

Its value has long exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars.

Among the jade players, that exist only in the legend, worth five billion, is exactly this one.

Although Sara did not know jadeite, but just by looking at the color of this bracelet,

She could guess that it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars,

So she hastily excused herself and said, “Grandma, how can I want something from you ……”

The old lady said seriously: “Child, you are Charlie’s fiancée,”

“And this is the first time to come to the door, according to our rules,”

“The meeting gift is certainly not much!”

“This is what I, as a grandmother, give you, the future granddaughter-in-law’s meeting gift!”

Nicolas, who was on the other side, also hurriedly said,

“A gift must be given! Marshal, you go find the documents of the Chaoyang Park estate,”

“And transfer the house to Miss Gu’s name!”

Marshal hurriedly nodded.

Nicolas said to Sara: “Miss Gu, I have three houses in Chaoyang Park,”

“All the beams and pillars are made of golden silk nan wood,”

“The house was a county palace during the Qing Dynasty,”

“And was bought during the Republic of China and became private property.”

The old lady on the side said helplessly, “Nicolas, that was forty years ago ……”

Due to the lack of efficacy of the medicine, the blood dispersal heart-saving pill saved Nicolas,

But his symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease did not reduce,

So his perception of time, is also basically stuck in the state of twenty years ago.

Sara at this time frightened waved her hands, said with fear in her mouth:

“Grandfather …… I can’t take such a valuable thing ……”

“What can’t.” Nicolas said off the cuff: “This mansion was intended to be left to Charlie,”

“Now Charlie has not been found, we found Charlie’s fiancée,”

“Then this mansion naturally belongs to you too, you take it first,”

“And when you find Charlie, you will use it as a new house!”

Saying that he rubbed his head, could not help but say:

“But Charlie is just eight years old …… for marriage you will have to wait for so many years,”

“In addition, you are so much older than Charlie, do not bully him after marriage ……”

When the old lady heard this, she hurriedly said,

“Nicolas, didn’t I tell you, it’s already twenty years later,”

“If Charlie was still alive, he would have been twenty-eight this year!”

“Ah?” Nicolas’s entire body suddenly froze and said:

“Charlie is twenty-eight years old?”

“When did that happen, didn’t he just celebrate his eighth birthday?”

After saying that, Nicolas’s expression was stunned and his eyes were red:

“Margaret …… Margaret …… It’s all my fault ……”

“Don’t worry, I’ll risk my life to get Charlie back ……”

The old lady saw Nicolas look painful, in her heart felt like a knife cut,

She hurriedly said to the crowd, “He began to confuse again, let’s go out first, do not disturb him here ……”

For the An family, they had long been used to Nicolas’s symptoms.

Knowing that his memory loss was very serious,