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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4392 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4392 Start

The old lady at the side also hurriedly said, “Nicolas, do you still remember what I told you before?”

“Margaret told me at that time that Changying had a particularly good brother who gave birth to a daughter,”

“A little younger than Charlie, and the two families had arranged a baby marriage for them.”

Nicolas nodded: “I remember …… I remember ……”

He said with a puzzled face: “But …… but Charlie is only eight years old this year ah”

“…… he …… how can he have such a grown-up fiancée ……”

When the people heard this, their expressions instantly got gloomy again.

Originally, everyone thought that the old man had the help of the divine elixir,

Maybe the previous Alzheimer’s disease was also cured together.

But once they heard him say that Charlie is only eight years old,

They immediately realized that his memory was still stuck,

At the time when his eldest daughter Margaret had an accident.

Then, Marshal choked up and said,

“Dad, don’t you realize that mom and we have gotten old?”

Only then did Nicolas understand, and panicked, he blurted out,

“What’s wrong with you …… guys? …… how come you all have aged so much?”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but look at Martel and Tece and said with trepidation,

“They …… both of them are ……”

Marshal held back his tears, pulled Martel and Tece to his body, and introduced them,

“Dad! This is Martel, this is Tece, they have also grown up ……”

“Not the previous teenage 20-year-old lad, little girl!”

Nicolas was full of doubts and muttered, “This …… is what’s going on ……”

Marshal: “Dad! It’s not 20 years ago anymore ……”

“Sister and my brother-in-law, have also been gone for 20 years ……”

“Charlie has also been missing for 20 years ……”

Nicolas asked with an incredulous face, “What did you say?!”

“You’re saying that Margaret has been gone for 20 years?!”

“Yes ……” Marshal pointed to his face, “Dad, I’m fifty years old this year ……”

Nicolas froze for a moment, then burst into a rage and shouted angrily,

“A bunch of trash! Twenty years have passed and you haven’t even gotten Charlie back?”

“How can I meet Margaret after I die? How can I explain it to her?”

The crowd fell into silence for a moment.

At this time, no one knew how to answer the old man’s question.

It was the old lady who cried and said, “Nicolas, all these years everyone is looking for Charlie,”

“Marshal is looking, Marcus is looking, Martel and Tece are also looking,”

“Even you have been looking, just never found Charlie’s whereabouts ……”

Nicolas’s expression became painful, covered his face and said,

“All of this is my fault …… all my fault!”

The old lady hurriedly stroked his hand and sobbed:

“Nicolas, you’ve been blaming yourself for twenty years,”

“It’s hard to come back from the ghost gate, don’t torture yourself anymore,”

“For those things back then, it’s not all your responsibility ……”

Nicolas gently shook his head, then he suddenly remembered something,

Excitedly looking at Sara, while struggling to sit up, while asking:

“Little girl …… you …… you said you are Charlie’s fiancee,”

“…… that you …… that you have found Charlie?!”

Sara’s eyes see the old man just walked from the ghost gate,

At this time the whereabouts of Charlie are an extra concern,

She really does not want to tell lies to him.

But once she thought of Charlie’s explanation, she could only say helplessly,

“Sorry, Grandpa …… we haven’t found Charlie’s whereabouts yet.”

Hearing these words, the excitement in Nicolas’s eyes dimmed considerably.

He could not help but shed two lines of hot tears and choked:

“I, as a grandfather, have not found the whereabouts of Charlie for so many years,”

“Now only to be saved by Charlie’s fiancée when I reached the ghost gate ……”

“I am ashamed …… so much ashamed ah ……”