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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4391 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4391 Start

The continuous beeping just now was too piercing,

So much so that after it suddenly disappeared, everyone,

In this instant, could not help but turn their eyes to the monitor.

At this time, the impassioned chanting of the Tianshi also came to an abrupt end.

He originally wanted to use his scriptures to send Nicolas on his last journey,

But never thought that this kind of thing could have a sudden change of heart!

Before the An family could understand what had happened,

They heard the attending doctor point to the ECG, which had begun to rise and fall,

And said in excited ecstasy: “Master’s heartbeat has returned! Master’s heartbeat has recovered!!!”

Only then did the crowd see that the ECG line, which had been flattened,

Had begun to ripple, and the amplitude was getting bigger and bigger!

The An family immediately cried with joy, the old lady was even more excited and rushed forward,

She looked at her husband’s chest began to breathe the ups and downs,

The whole person is more surprised, rushed forward to grab her husband’s hand,

Crying nonstop said: “Nicolas …… can you hear me?”

The doctor hurriedly stepped forward and said:

“Madam, you don’t get too excited, it is just the heartbeat recovery,”

“Not sure how far his body can recover, so we still have to do a systematic examination of the master!”

Saying that he couldn’t help but remind,

“Madam, Master’s physical condition is too poor,”

“In case he has a hard time waking up, you should also be mentally prepared ……”

The old lady asked nervously, “Will it really be difficult to wake up?”

The doctor said very seriously, “I can’t guarantee you about this matter,”

“After all, the master’s physical condition is really too unpromising ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

As soon as the doctor’s words fell, he heard Marshal suddenly shout with the utmost excitement, “Dad is awake!

The people who had been listening to the doctor with nervous faces,

Heard Marshal’s shout and hurriedly looked towards the hospital bed.

This look does not matter, everyone is stunned and dumbfounded!

Nicolas, who had been in a coma for a long time, and had even died once, had actually opened his eyes!

At this moment, everyone could see his eyes turning from side to side, as if he was also sizing up the crowd.

The old lady was overjoyed and was about to shush her,

But suddenly she heard Nicolas open his mouth and ask, “What is …… wrong with me?!”

The old lady burst into tears, grabbed Nicolas’s hand, and choked,

“You don’t remember? You fell down in the bathroom before,”

“The doctor said that your brain bleeding is very serious,”

“And your body indicators are so poor that there is almost no way to treat it, just now, your heartbeat stopped ……”

Speaking of which, the old lady burst into tears.

The other children and grandchildren of the An family also could not help but choke up.

Marshal said, “Dad if it wasn’t for Miss Gu’s timely arrival,”

“And her family’s treasured miracle medicine, you might have really left us ……”

“Miss Gu?” Nicolas was surprised and asked, “Which Miss Gu?”

Marshal hurriedly pointed to Sara and introduced her, “Dad, this is Miss Gu.”

Saying that, he added, “By the way dad, Miss Gu is Charlie’s fiancee!”

Nicolas looked at him with a bewildered expression and asked,

“Charlie? Which Charlie? Is it my grandson Charlie?”

Marshal nodded his head and hurriedly said, “Yes dad, it’s your grandson Charlie.”

Saying that he hurriedly pointed at Sara and said to Nicolas,

“Dad, this is Miss Gu, she is the one that sister set up for Charlie back then, do you know about this?”