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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 439 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 439 Start

Liang Wei was kicked to the ground, covering his stomach with pain, his face flushed.

But he didn’t dare to speak any more, just stood up quietly, stood behind Barena Wei again, and said nothing.

Charlie glanced at Liang Wei more.

From his body, Charlie saw a little bit of his previous shadow.

Being despised, or even humiliated by others, but he can only choose to forbear, stay invisible, and quietly wait for a chance to rise.

At this time, Wendy said to Barena Wei: “My dear, you can’t be guilty of being angry with a Rubbish and a [email protected] Let’s go in.”

Barena Wei nodded.

Charlie, this Rubbish, and Liang Wei, a [email protected], were rubbish in his eyes. Even if he suffered a big loss under Charlie’s hands, he still didn’t think Charlie was a great person.

On the contrary, he was still waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against Charlie to relieve his hatred.

Charlie didn’t bother to argue with this group of people. The reason why he came to the Expo was for the 300-year-old purple ginseng.

As for Fredmen and Barena Wei, if they dare to continue to pretend to be forceful, then they have the opportunity to slowly clean up them.

Seeing Fredmen, Barena Wei and others are gone, Tianqi shook his head and sighed: “This Fredmen is really self-inflicted and cannot live!”

Qin Gang said, “Mr. Wade, Mr. Shi, let’s go in too, don’t let these villains affect our mood.”

Charlie said with a smile, “Of course I don’t care about a group of clowns.”

They walked into the center of the exhibition hall. There are already exhibition counters for various traditional medicine materials, and each of them displays many kinds of medicinal materials.

Qin Gang first invited Charlie to inspect his booth. The Qin family deserves to be a medicinal material dealer with a history of over a hundred years. They have more than a dozen showcases, and various rare medicinal materials filled the counter.

Qin Gang said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, if there are medicinal materials you need in it, just say it and I will bring it out to you.”

Charlie nodded and said, “After I get the three-hundred-year-old purple ginseng, I may make a new medicine. I will tell you what I need then.”

Qin Gang hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade has any request, despite the instructions, Qin Gang will do his best to fulfill it for you!”

Charlie looked around at the expo, and found no medicinal materials worthy of his attention, which made him somewhat disappointed.

It seems that most of the medicinal materials can only be regarded as ordinary goods, and there is nothing special about them.

After shopping for a while, it was almost time for the auction, and Charlie went to the auction hall with Qin Gang and Tianqi.

The entire auction hall can accommodate millions of seats and has a large area.

In the front of the auction hall, a transparent booth with four sides of glass was erected. In the center, it is the 300-year-old purple ginseng plant.

After Charlie saw this purple ginseng, he was delighted.

He could perceive that this purple ginseng has a strong medicinal power. According to his eyesight, the purple ginseng is said to be 300 years old, but in fact it is almost 400 years old, and the quality is even better than imagined.