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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4389 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4389 Start

Philip’s affairs are well known in the rich and powerful circle in China.

However, although the Gu family’s volume is large in the country,

It is still somewhat on the stage in front of the An family.

Therefore, the old lady didn’t even have much impression of Philip Gu as some person,

And naturally knew nothing about him being sick and recovered.

But she saw Sara’s words, plus as she really has a marriage contract with her grandson,

The old lady already has a good feeling about her,

So in her heart, she can not help but believe three points.

However, at this moment, the old lady is still more or less uncertain,

So she looked outside at Tianshi who has been pinching his fingers and whispering incessantly,

And asked reverently: “Tianshi, what do you think?”

Tianshi opened his eyes and sighed: “To save the suffering of Mr. An’s qi has been exhausted,”

“Even my Daoist divine medicine renewal pills also can not save him from the fire,”

“In my humble opinion, I’m afraid that in the world we can no longer find the pills that can save him ……”

Hearing this, Sara immediately said, “This blood dispersal heart-saving pills can definitely cure old Mr. An!”

Tianshi shook his head slightly and said seriously,

“You girl, I’m not going to lie to you, poor Taoist has been practicing for seventy years,”

“But I’ve never heard of such a miraculous elixir in this world.”

As the saying goes, everything in this world must follow the laws of nature.

As the saying goes, death is like the extinction of a lamp.

The old lady, who had been a believer in Taoism all her life,

And had great respect for the three words ‘Taoism of nature’,

So she was hesitant when she heard him say that the old man was about to be reborn in the Pure Land.

At this time, Nicolas’s physical state was already in a near-death state,

And it was likely that he would pass away in the next second.

At this time, Marshal looked at Tianshi and asked,

“Has Tianshi ever heard of a rejuvenation pill that can make a person ten or twenty years younger?”

Tianshi shook his head and said seriously:

“The so-called rejuvenation Pill is just something made up in folk tales,”

“Although the Taoists have longed for physical immortality,”

“But the poor Taoist heart also knows that some good hopes can never be realized,”

“Even the monastic people, can only achieve a longer life than ordinary people,”

“Going back in time is never realistic! ……”

When Marshal heard this, he said in a cold voice:

“I think that my mother has great trust and respect for you,”

“So you must have a superiority, but today I realized that although you are already old,”

“You are still sitting in the well and watching the sky.”

After saying that, he looked at Sara and spoke, “Miss Gu, how should I give this medicine?”

Sara recalled what Charlie had explained and quickly said,

“Just put it directly into his mouth, this medicine instantly melts in mouth.”

Saying that she put the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill into Marshal’s hand and urged,

“Please make sure you are quick, otherwise it will be too late!”

Marshal nodded heavily, took three to two steps to the hospital bed, and put the pill into Nicolas’s mouth.

If it was in the past, Marshal definitely did not believe in any miracle pills.

However, after a trip to China, he thoroughly realized how narrow-minded he was before.

The miraculous effect of the rejuvenation pills had completely overturned his perception of this world.

Although Marshal had seen the miraculousness of the rejuvenation Pill,

He actually did not quite believe that,

This so-called blood dispersing and heart-saving pill of Sara could have similar efficacy.

However, Tianshi’s words made him realize that in this world, there are plenty of people who sit and watch the sky.

Whether it is the Tianshi who has been a monk for seventy years or himself who has lived for fifty years.

Therefore, at times like this, he absolutely can no longer use his own experience to see things.

Otherwise, one is likely to make the same mistake as the Tianshi.

It was because of this that he decided that no matter what,

He had to try this blood dispersal heart-saving pill.

Because this was already the last hope of his father.