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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4383 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4383 Start

Tece took Marshal and flew all the way to the An family’s medical center.

This medical center, not only has top experts from several departments,

But it is even equipped with several ICU intensive care units, delivery rooms, and operating rooms.

The hardware facilities here are even fully capable of handling the world’s most complex organ transplant operations.

At this moment, the An family’s old man, Nicolas, was lying in the largest ICU ward of the medical center.

His body is plugged with all kinds of equipment and tubes,

And his entire face is covered in an oxygen mask, relying on a ventilator to barely maintain his faint breath.

His partner, Charlie’s grandmother, was sitting beside him,

Her hands constantly rubbing his right hand gently, tears already breaking.

A few doctors were at his side, but there was nothing more they could do now.

In their eyes, Nicolas’s life is coming to an end,

Just like the wick that has burned the last drop of oil,

The flame is so small that it is almost invisible, while still shrinking irregularly,

It seems that it may go out at any time.

At this time, the only thing they can do is to wait for the complete extinction of the flame,

Not that they do not want to intervene but in this situation,

Even if the breathing rate is a little louder, it is possible to blow out the last flame,

So the best way to deal with it is not to interfere with it,

Let it go to the embers wick in the last remaining oil.

The other children and grandchildren of the An family are all staying in the lounge outside the ICU.

Charlie’s second and third uncles are sitting side by side on a combined sofa,

In addition to a fairy-like, hair and beard white, thin old man,

Is sitting opposite them, one hand pinching hand seals,

From his mouth chanting something under his breath.

The other grandchildren and women of the An family,

Were all sitting on the benches on either side of the sofa, looking sad.

When Tece and Marshal came flying in, everyone in the room stood up immediately.

Marcus rushed over with red eyes, grabbed Marshal’s arm, and choked up,

“Elder brother …… you’re finally back ……”

Martel also couldn’t help but sniffle and said in a trembling voice:

“Elder brother, Dad has been in a coma and hasn’t woken up yet,”

“Mom is inside with him, you should go take a look.”

Marshal nodded heavily and spoke in a very firm tone,

“Don’t be too pessimistic, Dad has experienced all kinds of big storms in his life,”

“Such a small problem is nothing to him, he will definitely be able to pull through.”

Everyone nodded their heads, but their expressions did not show any confidence.

When Marshal saw that everyone was dead, he was also a bit panicked, so he hurriedly said,

“You guys wait outside first, I’ll go in and check on Dad!”

Said, then alone, pushed the door and walked in.

The old lady saw him come in, emotionally a little tense, crying and said:

“Marshal…… Marshal …… your father he seems to be unable to last Marshal … …”

“What should your mom do … …What should your mom do Marshal ……”

As she spoke, the old lady’s body was already a bit shaky and nearly tipped to one side.

Marshal rushed forward, hands to hold her, forced to suppress the urge to cry out and choked:

“Mom …… it’s okay, Dad will be fine …… he is just too tired recently,”

“Need a good rest, maybe he’ll wake up after a while ……”

The old lady kept shaking her head slowly,

Looking at Nicolas on the hospital bed, her eyes full of sorrow and despair.

She is also a person who has been educated and has advanced knowledge of changes,

How could she not be aware of her husband’s current situation?

She took her husband’s hand in one hand and her eldest son Marshal’s hand in the other,

And murmured softly: “Your father ah …… is too much missing your sister ……”

“This time… . his daily state is much worse than the day before,”

“He has been missing his daughter though all night long and can not sleep,”

“Even if the strongest body is so tormented down, can not hold up ……”

Hearing these words, Marshal can no longer control his emotions, a person silently crying in pain.

The old lady looked up at Marshal and said seriously,

“Marshal ah …… if your father can not survive this hurdle,”

“You should go to Eastcliff, go to the Wade family ……”

Marshal asked in surprise, “Mom …… you are ……”