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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4382 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4382 Start

Everyone can put the interests of the An family first,

Even if there is any disagreement, can also be objective, democratic deliberation.

Because of this structure, now, the old man is suddenly ill, Marcus, Martel, and Tece,

All put aside all business to rush home, at the same time, they are waiting for Marshal,

The eldest brother to come back to preside over the big picture at home.

At this time, Sara, sitting on the plane, looking at the white plastic box of wax-sealed pills in her hands,

Her heart is excited and anxious.

Although she also knows that in this situation,

She should not have such feelings, but she simply can not control her heart.

Because Charlie actually let her go to his grandparents’ house as his fiancée!

This, in Sara’s eyes, was a recognition of her by Charlie.

Compared to the previous ambiguity,

Charlie’s attitude this time, in her opinion, is a big step forward!

The only thing that she did not know was that the reason why Charlie,

Let her go to the An family as his fiancee was based on the premise that she had not found him.

But how could he have imagined that this would become a great encouragement to Sara?


It was late afternoon.

The plane Marshal took landed on the private runway of an estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

This is the An family’s estate in Los Angeles.

The entire estate not only covers a huge area but also has three private runways,

As well as several medium and large hangars,

With at least five or six private planes of different sizes parked here.

When the An family bought this piece of land,

They were bold enough to build an airport in their own estate.

However, this kind of thing is not uncommon in the vast and sparsely populated United States.

Hollywood star John Travolta, who starred in the movie “Lowlife”, has a private villa with two small runways.

A star has such financial power, let alone a top-rich family like the An family.

As soon as Marshal’s plane landed on the runway inside the estate,

It glided directly to the main building of the estate.

This main building can no longer be described as a villa,

It has a very large building area, the entire U-shaped distribution,

A few points larger than the average five-star resort hotel.

It was basically equal to a small city, with not only various living,

Leisure, entertainment, and office areas, but also equipped with the An family’s own hospital.

Charlie’s sister-in-law, Tece, was already waiting downstairs at this time,

The plane taxiing directly in front of the building, on this side just parked,

The boarding car drove over there directly, as the hatch started to open.

The moment the hatch opened, Marshal flew down and saw Tece standing below with red eyes,

And quickly went up and asked, “Tece, how is Dad?”

Tece tears keep flowing while wiping with her hands while choking:

“Dad’s condition is very poor, an hour ago, Tianshi came with a life-sustaining pill,”

“But Dad took it and there is no improvement,”

“The doctor said Dad’s indicators are still falling, may not pass tonight ……”

“Tianshi said, Dad, The situation is still too serious,”

“If he took the life-sustaining pills earlier, maybe it could still have been effective ……”

Marshal cursed in anger: “Life-sustaining pills, life-sustaining pills!”

“Can’t renew the life, so what the h3ll do you call it a life-sustaining pill!”

Tece said: “Brother, Tianshi said that with a good intention,”

“Originally he was planning to retreat for five years, there are still five months out,”

“Mom sent someone to invite him, he knew immediately rushed over,”

“And that the life renewal pill is a Taoist treasure, passed down a total of only three,”

“Tianshi was only left with one, before someone willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy he did not sell,”

“And today also did not hesitate to take out to give the Taoist treasure.”

“Today he did not hesitate to take it out to give it to Dad……”

Marshal said coldly: “This crap may not even be one ten-thousandth of the rejuvenation pill,”

“But call it a Taoist treasure, saying it without fear of a laughing!”

After saying that, he waved his hand distractedly:

“Forget it, don’t talk about it, where is dad, take me quickly!”