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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4381 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4381 Start

New York JFK Airport.

Two private planes took off twenty minutes apart.

On the plane that took off first was Charlie’s great uncle Marshal,

While on the plane that took off later was Sara,

Who was holding the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill?

Marshal’s heart was in turmoil at this time.

His heart, full of tension and heartache for his father,

He did not think at all, to wait for his father’s death, to divide the An family’s property.

Moreover, he also knows very well that his father is the main backbone of the An family,

If he passes away at this time, the entire An family will have to endure a great loss.

Therefore, in his heart, he did not want his father to suffer such an ordeal.

Compared to other families, the An family is relatively more united,

And there is little conflict between the siblings.

The main reason why the An family can be so united is the unexpected death of Margaret.

Margaret’s death not only caused a lot of pain to the entire An family,

But also made the family been blaming themselves for so many years.

Everyone knows that if the An family had supported Margaret’s choice,

And her marriage to the Wade family, she would not have gone to Aurous Hill with Charlie,

After Changying broke up with the Wade family and settled there without support.

To go to Aurous Hill, for the three of them, was a choice that they had no other alternative options.

If the An family was the strong backing of Margaret,

And Margaret and her husband were aggrieved in Eastcliff,

They would have taken Charlie back to her mother’s house to settle down at the first opportunity.

In that case, the latter tragedy may not have happened.

From the time of the accident of Margaret and Changying,

Charlie’s grandfather changed his thinking about managing the An family.

The five words “family and all things prosper” became his only philosophy of family management.

Under the old man’s promotion for so many years,

The An family gradually got used to putting the family first in everything.

Once anything conflicts with family harmony, it must be unconditionally family-oriented.

After so many years, the An family, under his leadership,

Is indeed much more united than even the average large family.

Moreover, the old man is indeed very wise,

And he has done a very meticulous job in the functional structure of the entire family.

He let Marshal, who had a relatively soft personality, take the lead inside,

Let the second Marcus, who has a relatively strong personality, take the lead outside,

Let the third Martel assist Marcus to do a good job in organizing the entire An family industry,

And let the youngest Tece be responsible for supervising the financial and legal work of the entire An family.

At the same time, he also gave Marshal and Tece the right to veto in the board of directors,

As a melting mechanism at critical moments, to avoid Marcus’s dictatorship when he is in power.

If something happens to him as the head of the family,

All the children will listen to Marshal when they enter the family home,

And the other three siblings will discuss the decision when they leave the family home,

And if the three siblings can’t decide, then they will consult with Marshal, the elder brother.

Once Marcus wants to act arbitrarily, Tece, who knows the most about finance and legal affairs,

Can use his veto power to melt off his control.

If Marcus wants to join Martel and Tece in another plan,

Marshal can also use his veto power to block it and avoid the risk for the An family.

The four siblings seem to be cooperating with each other, while also checking and balancing each other.

But this organizational structure is seemingly tight, but in fact, there are great hidden dangers.

If the family is already at odds within,

It will certainly cause collusion and open struggle among all parties.

But the good thing is that the An family is united,

So the four people have been in a very tacit understanding.