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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4376 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4376 Start

Duncan laughed bitterly:

“I will soon retire if this case really takes three to five years to find out the truth,”

“Then the person who finds out this case would not be me,”

“Then with such a headless unresolved case to retire,”

“The little reputation I have fought for half of my life will be gone.”

Marshal laughed: “I thought you were open-minded and did not care about this so-called false reputation.”

Duncan spread his hands and said self-deprecatingly,

“You see, I’ve been in the business for most of my life,”

“What else do I have left but for these false names?”

“If even this false name is gone, then only the meager pension,”

“Given to me by the federal government will be left.”

Marshal said seriously: “Duncan, be optimistic!”

“It’s just a setback in your strongest field, I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter.”

After saying that, he pointed his hands at himself and said:

“Look at me, for so many years I was always treated as the guest of honor everywhere,”

“Even if the opposite is a ninety-year-old man, they will take the initiative to stand up,”

“Had to give me the best seat, some time ago I went to attend an auction,”

“And I was kicked out in front of so many people,”

“I was dying to open a crack in the ground, but look at me now, I am opening up to you here!”

“This person ah, is a good mix, but also can not everyone give you face;”

“You, the detective, the professional skill are great, but also can not solve all the cases;”

“You have to learn to accept defeat at the same time,”

“Try to maintain a normal mind, and after this period of time you look at this matter,”

“It is just some fa.rt in front of you, stinks, there will sooner or later scatter away.”

“But if you hold on to this thing, to the 70s and 80s, still thinking about that,”

“Think that the year did not find the person who far.ted you will feel bad,”

“Can not get over this hurdle, then you will not be happy,”

“For the rest of your life, do you think this is the truth?”

Duncan smiled helplessly:

“In the matter of persuading people, you are really fcuking good.”

After saying that, he picked up the glass and said to Marshal:

“Come, come, drink, drink this glass!”

Marshal waved his hand: “Don’t drink so much, just drink a little,”

“And save some energy to wait for the big show,”

“Once the big show is on, I’m afraid your pressure will be much easier.”

Duncan looked astonished and asked him, “You mean the ‘public execution’ thing?”

Shortly after Randal was kidnapped, Marshal and Duncan surmised the motive behind the incident,

Thinking that someone must be planning to carry out a public execution of the Fei family.

And now, the matter of Randal being kidnapped and mistreated had been fermenting on the internet,

Triggering the attention of millions of people, and the heat of this matter has reached its peak.

Moreover, the 48-hour window given by the kidnappers is getting closer and closer,

And if the two of them are correct, then that big reversal of this matter will come soon.

Marshal laughed at this point: “If that Randal really did a lot of evil and is exposed,”

“Then no one would blame you for not being able to save him, don’t you think?”

Duncan shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Although I hate to admit it, but you are indeed right ……”

Marshal nodded his head and smiled, saying,

“So just wait and see in peace, the good show is about to be staged.”

Saying that Marshal added: “You see why I decided to go back early tomorrow morning instead of leaving this evening,”

“It is that I want to watch the show in New York before leaving.”

At this moment, although Charlie upstairs was not moving and eating,

All the conversations between Marshal and Duncan had entered his ears without fail.

When he heard this, he couldn’t help but feel surprised,

He didn’t expect that the great uncle and this Inspector Li had analyzed all of his true motives,

And even accurately predicted his next plan, which was indeed something he didn’t expect.

At this moment, Marshal’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He saw the name of the person on the phone and said with a smile, “Hey there,”

On the phone, a woman’s urgent voice came with a crying voice and said,

“Brother, hurry back! Dad is having his last breath!”