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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4373 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4373 Start


When Charlie and Sara arrived at Hogan’s roast goose restaurant,

Hogan was busy cleaning up together with the guys.

At this time, long after the noon meal, there was no customer in the restaurant,

And Sara did not worry about being recognized, just put on a mask,

And then directly took Charlie into the restaurant together.

The two just walked in the door, the door sensors sounded a ding,

Announcing the arrival of a guest, the busy man said without raising his head:

“Sorry, we have closed the meal.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Feel free to get us something to eat, we both haven’t eaten until now.”

Hogan heard Charlie’s voice, turned his head, and saw that he and Sara had come together,

So he could not help but be happy and said with a smile,

“Haven’t you two eaten really until this time?”

Sara took Charlie’s arm and said daintily, “We really haven’t Uncle Chen!”

Charlie also smilingly said, “Uncle Chen, we two went around to the Fei family at noon,”

“Originally wanted to rub a meal, but in the end, it did not work out.”

Sara mumbled in a discontented manner, “You had to let the Fei family drink,”

“And ended up drinking them down, so we’re not in the mood to eat.”

Hogan heard this, said with a smile: “Ouch, it seems that there is a bit of a story,”

“You two hurry upstairs to sit, I will prepare some food for you two,”

“Later we sit down and then talk to me.”

Charlie nodded and smiled and said, “Uncle Chen, then we’ll go up and wait for you.”

Sara also smiled and said, “Uncle Chen, I want to eat roasted squab, two of them!”

Hogan laughed and said, “Okay, you guys go upstairs first, I’ll go get ready.”

Charlie and Sara went up the stairs together, but before they reached the second floor,

They heard another ding from the door, followed by a somewhat familiar voice saying, “Boss, two.”

Charlie subconsciously stopped in his tracks,

Slightly crouched down a little, through the gap in the stairs,

With a glance saw the two people who came in.

The one who spoke was his uncle, Marshal,

And the one standing beside his uncle was the famous detective Duncan Li.

However, today’s Duncan is no longer the same as the last time Charlie saw his style,

The whole person’s beard is scruffy and he is looking very unhinged.

Seeing this, Charlie hurriedly pulled Sara a hand, the two quickly went upstairs first.

Sara just followed Charlie quietly sizing up, also recognized Duncan,

But she did not know why Charlie seemed to deliberately avoid him,

Hurriedly lowered her voice and asked:

“Charlie, you would not have any clues by that Inspector Li to grasp, right?”

Charlie waved his hand: “I’m not avoiding him, I’m avoiding that person beside him.”

Sara hurriedly asked, “Who is that person?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and said lightly, “That person is my great uncle.”

“Huh?!” Sara asked in surprise, “It’s your great uncle? Then aren’t we going to say hello?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “He doesn’t know my situation yet.”

Sara said in confusion, “Why ah …… my father said, your grandfather’s family is very eager to find your whereabouts,”

“If we can get a re-acquaintance is it not quite good?”

Charlie sighed lightly and spoke, “Forget it.”


On the other side, when Hogan saw Marshal, he couldn’t help but say with some surprise,

“Sir, you haven’t been here for a while.”