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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 437 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 437 Start

At this time, Charlie suddenly heard a few familiar voices from behind him.

A man said, “Fredmen, don’t worry. As long as we take the 300-year-old purple ginseng this time, all the medicinal materials we need for our new prescription will be available. By then, your disease will definitely be cured. it is good!”

It was Barena Wei from the Wei family who spoke.

That is the one who was forced to lick the urinal a few days ago.

At this time, Fredmen, the native of the Willson family, said: “Oh, I really want to thank Brother Wei in advance. When my illness is cured, I will definitely strengthen the cooperative relationship with the Wei family. Then, my family and I , Will give some resources to help the Wei family, our two strong alliances will last forever!”

Barena Wei was also very excited, and said excitedly: “Then I also want to thank Fredmen in advance, hahahaha.”

Charlie turned back and saw that it was Barena Wei and Fredmen who were coming from far and near.

Following the two, there was Wendy.

At this time, Wendy did not have the embarrassment of licking the urinal that day. She held a Hermès limited bag in one hand, and held Barena Wei’s arm in the other. She walked with her eyes higher than the top, completely like a lady.

Behind a few people, there was a person who looked somewhat similar to Barena Wei followed. Charlie didn’t know this guy. This person was the illegitimate child of Barena Wei’s half-brother, Liang Wei, who was always dismissed in the Wei family. .

And just as Charlie saw several people, several people also found Charlie.

Fredmen, Barena Wei, and Wendy, these three people all have blood and deep hatred for Charlie, and they hate him to the bone. When they see him at this time, they are all angry and want to tear him alive.

And when Barena Wei saw him, he was even more angry, as if the urinal smell of disgust came to the extreme.

Wendy couldn’t help but retching when thinking about it at the beginning. After so many days, her tongue tastes nothing and feels stinky. All this is thanks to Charlie!

Seeing Charlie, Fredmen, with the strongest background and strength, took the lead to speak. He gritted his teeth and said: “It turns out that it’s you stinky silk, let’s meet again!”

Charlie smiled indifferently, and said, “Last time you called me father and grandfather, that was so refreshing, but you changed the name in a blink of an eye? My grandson is too unfilial, right?”

Fredmen clenched his fists hatefully when he heard him mention it.

That incident made him lose face and somehow lost his ability to be a man. It was the greatest shame in his life!

But he knew that he couldn’t beat Charlie, and he didn’t dare to do it. He could only sneer and said: “That is to say that a good man does not suffer from immediate losses, and a big man can bend and stretch. What do you know about this kind of waste? Don’t think that you will fight, you are a personal thing! This world It’s very dark, so be careful when you walk at night.”

Charlie sneered and said: “I think you can only bend now, can’t stretch, right? Have you recovered your male prowess during this period of time?”