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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4369 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4369 Start

Saying that Charlie stood up and coldly said:

“Come, pour the wine, I see how you can not drink,”

“If you really can not drink, I can help you pour in!”

Fei family father and son at this moment have the heart to die.

Their alcohol capacity is indeed general, the thought of three cups in a row,

The wine has not yet been drunk, they already want to buckle the throat to vomit a pass.

But Charlie did not give them any room for good offices.

He glared at Adam and said coldly: “What are you waiting for?”

“Why don’t you open the wine quickly? Do you want me to pour the wine for you?”

Gritting his back teeth, Adam went forward in a panic,

And opened one of the bottles of Maotai wine with a trembling hand.

Charlie placed two glass cups side by side and said, “Come, fill these two cups first!”

Adam could only obey and do as he was told, pouring the two glass cups full of white wine.

After the wine was poured, Charlie made an inviting gesture and said to the father and son,

“Come, drink the first cup first.”

Dawson looked at the transparent white wine, scared liver, and guts,

Said with a trembling voice: “Young warrior …… I …… I have high blood pressure ……”

“Blood sugar has also been a little high ……”

“The doctor has repeatedly advised me not to drink ……I must not drink ……”

“This is such a big glass, this is …… This is to kill me ah ……”

Charlie waved his hand: “Don’t listen to those doctors and their bull5hit,”

“As the saying goes wine is grain essence,”

“The more you drink the younger you look,”

“In your seventies, you don’t really look young,”

“Maybe you have been drinking less, come, first take this cup!”

Dawson cried and said: “Young warrior …… I …… I really can not drink ah ……”

Charlie’s expression was furious, and he asked in a cold voice:

“What? It’s your face. Isn’t it?”

After saying that, he pointed to the side where was the kneeling Parker, and coldly said:

“Believe it or not, I will let him squeeze your mouth right now and give you three bottles directly?”

Without thinking, Parker said, “Senior! As long as you can let me recover my cultivation,”

“I am willing to do whatever you ask me to do!”

When Dawson heard this, he was so scared that his neck shrank.

Looking at that tail wagging and begging look of Parker,

He realized that Parker was definitely not joking.

If Charlie really nodded, this guy might really rush over and pour white wine into his mouth ……

Pour three bottles that is six pounds, six pounds of wine down, his body will definitely be laying cold here ……

At this time, Charlie said: “This is the situation now, you two don’t expect someone to save you,”

“The person closest to the two of you is me now,”

“As long as you are not honest, or don’t listen to me I will kill both of you!”

Seeing Charlie’s murderous look, Dawson could only say in pain,

“Young warrior, I’ll drink! Can’t I drink it? ……”

After saying that, he grabbed the wine cup with a trembling hand and took it to his mouth shivering.

At this time, at the side, Adam is ready with a mental construction.

After drinking so much liquor in one breath,

He had already started to practice the intense burning of his mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach in advance,

But the more he practiced silently in his heart, the more afraid he became.

Charlie at this time came up with a sentence:

“You two, whoever finishes this cup last, he will be awarded another cup.”

Adam heard this, almost reflexively, grabbed another cup, and began to pour it into his stomach.

At first, just after taking a big mouthful,

The intense stimulation made him almost spit out all he drank,

But when he thought that he would be rewarded with another drink for slow drinking,

He could only gulp it back before he spit it out. Took a big mouthful and pressed it down.

This method of fighting poison with poison is indeed very effective,