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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4368 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4368 Start

Adam immediately wanted to cry, he felt that this was the world’s biggest big injustice.

“I forced Sara to give in, itself is to spend an extremely high injustice price,”

“To buy this venue directly to the hand, and then gave Sara’s brokerage company 10 times the breach of contract ……”

“The result I did not expect, instead my father and I incurred a big disaster ……”

“Now this son of a b!tch named Wade has humiliated me and my dad,”

“So much that he’s going to take the venue away from us ……”

“What the fcuk has this made me into?”

“Nobody in this whole world would have faced such an injustice for generations!”

Seeing Adam’s comical expression but not a word coming out of his mouth,

Charlie slapped the table hard and asked, “What? You are not satisfied with my arrangement?”

“Satisfied …… Satisfied!” Adam again shivered violently and said without hesitation,

“I’ll arrange it! I’ll arrange it right now!”

With that, he hurriedly took out his cell phone and made a call to his assistant.

In order to express his sincerity, he specifically turned on the speakerphone and said,

“You immediately transfer the gymnasium we just bought to Miss Gu’s agency for one dollar,”

“Take the lawyer to meet with Miss Gu’s agent now,”

“And make sure to complete the transfer in the shortest possible time!”

The assistant was dumbfounded and asked, “Young master,”

“We just compensated Miss Gu’s agency ten times the cost of the venue,”

“And you want to give the venue to the other party for nothing?”

Adam impatiently said, “I asked you to do it, you do it, why so much nonsense?”

The assistant hastily said: “I’m sorry, sir, it’s me who talked too much ……”

“I will contact the lawyer …… Miss Gu’s agent I just docked the compensation yesterday,”

“I have her contact information ……”

Only then did Adam say, “Hurry up and do it, don’t dawdle!”

After instructing his men, Adam hung up the phone and looked at Charlie, respectfully asking,

“Mr. Wade, are you satisfied with this treatment?”

Charlie nodded and casually said, “Not bad,”

“I have seen half of your sincerity, the remaining half, it depends on your coming performance.”

Adam was dumbfounded, thinking,

“I’ve been fcuking wronged to this point, and still not okay? What else do you want?”

However, his mouth only dared to ask cautiously,

“Mr. Wade, what do you think we still lack something or need to improve properly?”

Charlie pointed to a large pile of white wine in front of him and said,

“You two have done so many disgusting things, according to the rules of our Chinese tradition,”

“There should always be a drink to make amends, right?”

“Come on, each of you first punishes yourselves with three cups.”

Saying that, Charlie handed over the glass used for drinking water on the tableware and said, “Drink from this, fill it all up!”

This glass has, a capacity of almost three hundred milliliters,

One person three cups, at least seven or eight hundred milliliters,

That is at least one and a half pounds of volume.

Adam heard, his two legs can not help but tremble, Dawson even more white-faced.

These rich people, although they also love to drink some wine,

But the amount of alcohol is limited to a small drink for pleasure.

Especially for Adam, he doesn’t drink much.

Only when he is in a good mood, with three or five friends while eating,

While talking he hardly drinks some quantity.

To really let him drink fast wine, he can at most drink half a catty.

However, this glass is six taels when poured ……

Adam panicked and pleaded: “Mr. Wade ……”

“I have the capacity for a limited amount of alcohol, three cups I really can not drink ah ……”

Dawson also could not stop pleading, “Young warrior ……”

“I have not touched a drop of wine for ten years,”

“This kind of high white wine, I really can not drink a glass ……”

“Can’t drink?” Charlie’s eyes raised, and he said with a cold voice:

“Open your mouth, pour it in, swallow it, it’s that simple, why can’t you drink?”