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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4367 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4367 Start

Dawson was so frightened by Charlie that he couldn’t help but shiver.

Even when he was a child, he had never been so frightened by his father,

But how could he have imagined that now he would be as subdued as a grandson,

By a young man fifty years younger than himself.

Seeing Charlie’s anger, although he was indignant in his heart,

But his hands did not dare to have half hesitation, and hastily picked up the chopsticks again.

Only then was Charlie satisfied, and when he saw that the servant had bought two bottles of Maotai white wine,

He said to the servant, “Bring ten more bottles of this kind of wine.”

The maid listened with a start and said offhandedly, “This is a two-pound bottle of ……”

Charlie waved his hand: “I told you to bring extra. Don’t you understand my words?”

Dawson felt the liver trembling, but how could he dare to disobey,

Quickly waved his hand and said, “Quickly go quickly go!”

The servant did not dare to speak, and turned around and went down,

And in a short while, he brought several servants with him and brought ten bottles of white wine.

Charlie sent the maids away, then looked at the Fei family father and son

And said indifferently: “Come on, tell us, what do you want to do if you asked us to come here?”

Dawson cursed in his heart, “I invited Sara Gu, who the h3ll invited you?”

But he did not dare to say this, he could only honestly say:

“Young warrior, we invited you and Miss Gu to come here,”

“Mainly to ask, my grandson Randal was kidnapped that day …… But now there is no need to understand it ……”

Dawson was not a fool.

He had never understood how a few ninjas from a faraway land dared to lay hands on his grandson.

But seeing that Charlie could make Parker kneel down and beg for mercy,

He knew that Charlie must be the mastermind behind the scene.

But in this situation, he has led the wolf into the room,

Not to mention looking for him to question the whereabouts of his grandson,

Even the consequences of that are unknown.

Charlie sneered at this point and said,

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to inquire about things,”

“But why did you maliciously acquire the venue of Miss Gu’s performance,”

“And use this as a threat to force Miss Gu into submission?”

Dawson knew that this pot definitely can not be shaken off,

So can only apologize and said: “I’m really sorry ……”

“I was confused and did this thing …… I hope Miss Gu can forgive us ……”

Adam also said: “Yes, yes, it’s all our fault ……”

“We will talk to the concerned people and will not delay Miss Gu’s normal performance!”

Charlie waved his hand: “Gimmicks you do not need to play here,”

“I cannot trust people with your character honestly,”

“Even if I just go to the roadside to grab a random stray dog,”

“And let it bark twice that would be more credible than what comes out of your mouth.”

Sara heard this, could not help but laugh out loud,

While Adam’s face is a sauce, coming up with desperate curses in his heart:

“His intimidation threat is not enough here, I did not expect these continuous personality insults ……”

“And also compare me with a dog, a dog barking twice can have more content?”

“Talk about credibility and untrustworthiness?”

However, Adam can only refute two sentences in his heart,

His mouth still said with a respectful face:

“Mr. Wade …… How do you think we can handle this matter appropriately? We will listen to your command!”

Charlie nodded his head, waved his hand, and said,

“This way, you have already bought the arena?”

“Now have the person in charge draw up a contract to sell this venue to Miss Gu’s agency for one dollar,”

“And you directly have the person in charge on your side go and sign with Miss Gu’s agent,”

“So that this venue will be owned by Miss Gu’s agency,”

“So she doesn’t have to worry about you ba5tards tripping up.”