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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4363 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4363 Start

When Charlie said this, it immediately made Dawson’s expression turn hideous.

He stared at Charlie and asked in a cold voice: “My grandson is kidnapped by you?!”

Charlie didn’t answer, but pushed the dining chair back, crossed his legs,

Looked at the empty table, and asked indifferently:

“Didn’t you say you were going to serve dinner?”

“How come there’s not even a plate of peanuts? Is this your Fei family’s way of hospitality?”

Dawson did not expect that Charlie would not take him into consideration in the slightest,

So he slammed the table in anger and said in a stern voice:

“Kid! This is the Fei family! If you don’t tell me honestly where my grandson is,”

“Then you won’t be able to leave this door alive!”

Adam was also extremely angry.

He had been disliked by Charlie several times before at the Wangfu Hotel,

And he always held this grudge in his heart,

But he didn’t expect that Charlie would still be unrepentant and speak the same way now that he had come to his home.

So, he gritted his teeth and said to Charlie:

“Kid! If you don’t tell the truth, I will make your life worse than death!”

“If I find out that you are really related to the kidnapping of my son,”

“I, Adam Fei, swear to God that I will kill your whole family!”

“Kill my whole family?” Charlie laughed disdainfully and said,

“Adam, in broad daylight, it’s better to talk less in your dreams,”

“And you should know that there is a saying that trouble comes out of your mouth!”

Adam was angered by Charlie’s arrogant attitude and shouted angrily,

“You are bullying my Fei family with no one!”

After saying that, he immediately shouted, “Parker!”

As soon as the words fell, a middle-aged man quickly appeared at the door

And said respectfully with his hands clasped in front of him,

“What is the order of the Eldest Master?”

At this moment, it was Dawson and Adam’s personal bodyguard,

Karl’s senior brother, Parker.

Although Parker’s strength was not as strong as Karl’s,

He was also a five-star martial artist,

And among the current bodyguards of the Fei family, he was the absolute ceiling.

At this moment, Adam could no longer tolerate Charlie,

So he pointed at him and yelled at Parker, “Cut off his ear and avenge my son!”

Parker’s expression was slightly hesitant, and his eyes unconsciously looked at Dawson.

In his opinion, this kind of thing, he would only do it if Dawson nodded.

Dawson’s expression was also gloomy at this time,

Charlie’s arrogant attitude made him feel that this person,

Must have a connection with his grandson’s disappearance,

And repeatedly humiliated the father and son, which really made him angry in his heart.

Seeing that Adam has called out Parker,

Immediately did not think much about it, and nodded to Parker.

Parker took a look at Charlie, thinking that this kid has no cultivation,

If he goes to cut the ears of such people, then the whole world will laugh at him.

But at this time, Adam angrily questioned,

“Parker, what are you doing frozen? Don’t you understand my words?”

At this point, Parker could only nod,

And then said to Charlie: “You little brother, I’m sorry!”

After saying that, he suddenly rushed towards Charlie.

Charlie did not even look at Parker at this time,

Until Parker rushed to his front, then he suddenly shot.

Only to see Charlie stand up with great speed,

His left hand easily grabbed Parker’s collar,

Then his right hand swung violently, slapped, directly on Parker’s face.