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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4360 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4360 Start

Charlie asked her, “Then how do you plan?”

Sara then said delicately: “Charlie, I want to trouble you a little, accompany me to go to the Fei family,”

“I do not know if it is convenient for you …… If it’s not convenient,”

“I’ll just announce that there is a problem with the venue, the first concert is temporarily shelved,”

“And the latter concert will be opened first, and finally come to New York to make up for the opening of the same.”

Charlie laughed: “Then your fans in New York will not be disappointed?”

Sara said helplessly: “That can’t be helped, but I believe they can understand.”

Charlie then said, “Forget it, what can not let you take tens of thousands of fans disappointed,”

“Is it not just to go to the Fei family to eat a meal,”

“It just so happens that I am now next to the Fei family,”

“You let Tasha tell them that you will go over at noon,”

“In a while, I will send you an address, when you come by the way just pick me up, I will go over with you.”

When Sara heard this, she immediately asked with surprise,

“Really, Charlie? I won’t give you any trouble if you accompany me, right?”

“No.” Charlie laughed, “I’m going to meet with Fei’s family soon anyway,”

“So I’ll take this opportunity to meet first at noon today.”

Sara hurriedly said, “That’s good! Then I’ll let Tasha communicate here,”

“And if the time is confirmed, I’ll come to pick you up and we will go there together!”


Tasha was relieved to learn that Charlie was willing to accompany Sara to the Fei family.

If Sara had gone alone, beating her to death, she wouldn’t have dared to agree.

But since Charlie was willing to accompany her, she had nothing to worry about.

In her opinion, Charlie must have the strength to deal with the entire Fei family,

Otherwise, it would not have been possible to directly kidnap Randal.

With that, she made a call to Adam and said to him,

“Mr. Fei, Miss Gu has time at noon, I wonder if it’s convenient for you?”

As soon as Adam heard this, he knew that his tactics had worked and immediately said,

“Convenient, of course, it’s convenient! If Miss Gu comes over at noon,”

“I’ll have the back kitchen prepare a sumptuous family feast and wait for Miss Gu’s presence!”

Tasha’s heart was disgusted, but her mouth was not cold, and said,

“In that case, then it’s a deal, Miss Gu will come over there directly.”

Adam said: “Miss Chen, why don’t you give me an address,”

“I’ll send a convoy to pick up Miss Gu.”

“No need.” Tasha said lightly: “Miss Gu has a car,”

“And will come directly to your Fei family’s estate in Long Beach.”

Adam smiled and didn’t insist, so he said with a smile,

“Okay, since Miss Gu insists, then I’ll be waiting at home!”

Tasha said impatiently, “So be it, I am hanging up first.”

Adam put down the phone and said to Dawson in front of him,

“Dad, that girl named Gu has agreed to come over and will arrive at noon.”

Dawson nodded with satisfaction and said in a cold voice:

“This girl must have clues related to Randal, let’s see if we can get it out of her!”

Adam said with some concern, “Dad, this girl is indeed a very famous public figure,”

“If she deliberately pretended to be confused with us, it’s not good for us to move against her!”

“A public figure?” Dawson sneered disdainfully and said coldly:

“Public figures are not even a fa.rt in my eyes! If we can really find out something from her,”

“I don’t care if she’s a public figure if she doesn’t give an honest account of everything she knows,”

“She won’t leave the door of my Fei family!”