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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4358 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4358 Start

Saying that, Stella looked at Ruoli and asked,

“Ruoli, are you also going to Colombo with us?”

“Yes.” Ruoli smiled, “According to Mr. Wade’s request,”

“I am to escort you to your destination.”

Stella nodded gently and asked again, “Then does my grandfather know about it?”

Ruoli said, “I came to inform you the first time I received the order,”

“Mr. Fei and Mr. Karl’s side, it’s better for you to tell them.”

“Okay,” Stella said with a melancholy heart that could not be concealed,

“I’ll go tell grandpa and Master Yuan to hurry up and pack their belongings.”

“Good.” Ruoli said, “I will also go pack, we will meet on the deck in twenty-five minutes.”

Stella ran all the way back to the cargo ship’s cabin,

Douglas was idly trying to carve a fist-sized piece of scrap wood with a small knife.

This piece of wood is one of several pieces of wood he picked up by chance on the cargo ship,

Because it was really boring, so he picked it up to carve something to pass the boring time.

At this moment, his personal bodyguard, Karl, was using the fine sandpaper,

He had found to help him polish one of the wood carvings that had already taken shape,

And praised him while polishing it: “Elder Fei, I didn’t expect you to have this kind of skill.

Douglas laughed: “When I was a child, my biggest wish was to be a carver,”

“And I learned the craft from a teacher for a while.”

As he said, he took a glance at the finished carving of Doumu in Karl’s hand and said seriously,

“Master Yuan, this Doumu is for you, if I leave in the future, I can also leave a reminder!”

Karl said gratefully, “Thank you, Master Fei, I really like this statue of Doumu,”

“And I will keep it well so that I can live up to your kindness!”

Douglas nodded and smiled, “If there is a chance to find a piece of good incense wood in the future,”

“I will carve another one for you!”

Karl was flattered and said, “No need Elder Fei, this piece is more than what I could wish for ……”

Douglas smiled faintly and said, “When we say grateful,”

“It should be me who is grateful to you, you have been working hard for me for so many years,”

“And now you are being implicated because of me, honestly, I really feel sorry for you ……”

Karl said: “Elder Fei you are welcome, this is my duty!”

Douglas nodded and was about to speak when the door was suddenly pushed open by Stella.

She entered the door and saw that grandpa and Karl were there,

So she hurriedly said, “Grandpa, Master Yuan, Mr. Wade has an order for us to hurry up and pack our personal belongings,”

“A plane will pick us up in half an hour and take us to Colombo!”

Douglas was surprised and asked,

“Are we not going to Syria? Why has it changed to Colombo?”

“I’m not sure.” Stella said, “Mr. Wade just gave the order,”

“Relayed by Miss Su, and Miss Su will also go with us.”

“Strange ……” Douglas frowned and smacked his lips,

“We go to Syria I can figure it out, after all, the Cataclysmic Front has established a base there,”

“When we get there, our safety can definitely be guaranteed ……”

“But, taking us to Colombo for what?”

Karl was also confused and said, “Sri Lanka is relatively chaotic,”

“And the Cataclysmic Front can not have too many people there,”

“Certainly not as safe as Syria for us, why did Mr. Wade suddenly change the plan?”

Stella said helplessly, “Let’s not discuss this, since Mr. Wade asked us to go to Sri Lanka,”

“We certainly can not refuse, it is a blessing but not a curse,”

“A curse can not be avoided, we can only choose to believe in Mr. Wade!”

“And the helicopter will be here soon, we have to pack our things quickly.”

Douglas sighed and said with emotion, “Stella is right! It’s a blessing but not a curse,”

“A curse that can’t be avoided! Since this life was saved by Mr. Wade,”

“Let’s listen to his arrangements! Pack up your things and get ready to go!”