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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4356 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4356 Start

After saying that, Charlie turned his head and said to Joseph,

“Joseph, you can arrange the rest, I will come back to talk to them in two hours!”

Joseph immediately nodded and said, “Okay Mr. Wade, your subordinates will make the arrangements!”

Charlie didn’t say anything more and stepped out of the basement.


Two hours later.

When Charlie returned to the basement, both Jesse and Randal had turned into walking corpses.

The great pain and humiliation had completely disintegrated the will of the two.

At this moment, the two people, none of them in the heart has regret.

At this moment, they really began to feel remorse for what they had done before.

If in an ordinary way, even if they were sentenced to life imprisonment, they would not really feel regret.

Only by letting them experience the pain they once inflicted,

On innocent others for no reason could they truly realize what kind of brut3s they really were.

Seeing Charlie step in, Jesse, who had already completely calmed down, suddenly howled.

He struggled to crawl towards Charlie,

But his body had long since lost any breath after the severe pain,

He could only squirm on the floor like a maggot, wailing under his breath,

“Mr. Wade …… I’ll tell you everything …… everything, please You give me a pain ……”

Charlie asked him, “What? Now you know it’s wrong?”

“I know …… know ……,” Jesse cried,

“I’m guilty, I deserve to die… …”

“I’m really sorry for all the innocent girls who were killed by me ……”

“I don’t ask for anything but for you to give me a chance to pay for their lives ……”

The past two hours, for Jesse, were ten thousand times more horrible than the purgatory on earth.

At this time, he had already given up his desire for survival,

Deep inside his heart when he thought that he might suffer such extreme torture again in the future.

Right now, he only wanted to die quickly, the more painful death the better.

Seeing that this man was already as humble as a maggot, Charlie could not show him any mercy.

Charlie was never a saintly mother, in his opinion,

If a person has made a mistake, he must pay the corresponding price for the mistake,

This is real fairness and justice.

Not to let this kind of people completely into despair,

And how to face those innocent girls who were tortured by them to despair?

At this moment, Charlie, cold eyes looking at Jesse, faintly said:

“I can give you a chance, but only once, you must give me all the evidence you have,”

“There must not be the slightest concealment, as long as you cooperate honestly,”

“From now on, to the day you die, I will give you the last humane treatment.”

Charlie also looked at the same eyes filled with blood!

He never thought that there would be such inhumane beasts in peaceful times!

What’s even more hateful is that these animals are all the so-called social elites,

And upper-class people, but their methods are so brutal!

Some people’s brutal methods, even if the Nazis watched, I’m afraid they would be ashamed of themselves!

After flipping through a few videos, Charlie’s blood pressure was already soaring.

He looked at Joseph and said coldly, “Joseph, I’ll give you a mission!”