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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4353 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4353 Start

Charlie sneered: “You really don’t have any self-awareness,”

“Let me ask you, do you know what kind of relationship Xiaofen Li and I have?”

When Jesse heard the words Xiaofen Li, he was scared out of his mind,

And even Randal who was at the side was scared to the point of trembling.

How could Jesse not know Xiaofen ……

His brother, went to pick up Xiaofen at sea when the accident happened.

And Xiaofen is also the girl Randal previously specifically wanted.

Once he heard Charlie and Xiaofen have a relationship,

Jesse knew that he was really dead this time.

And Randal is terrified to the extreme.

He never dreamed that the two girls he wanted were related to Charlie!

Wouldn’t it take two deaths to make Charlie happy?

At this time, Charlie looked at Jesse and said in a cold voice:

“I believe that with the style of action of someone like you,”

“You must have kept a lot of relevant information about Randal,”

“As well as other clients, if you can take the initiative to hand over,”

“All the information you have to me, I can give you a painful time, otherwise,”

“I will let you experience what it means to be worse than death.”

Jesse trembled and said offhandedly, “You must want that information on the paid family!”

“If you promise to spare my life, I will give you all that information!”

“Otherwise, even if I die, I won’t let you get what you want!”

Charlie hummed and laughed, “You are in my hands, and it is not up to you to say whether you live or die.”

After saying that, he looked at Joseph and spoke,

“Joseph, bring over the drugs you used to extract confessions by torture before!”

Joseph immediately nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Wade!”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the room,

And a moment later, he came back with a syringe in his hand.

Charlie glanced at the syringe and said to Joseph, “You come and introduce it to them.”

“Your subordinate obeys!” Joseph immediately raised the syringe in his hand and said in a cold voice:

“The drug inside this, once injected into your bodies,”

“It will make your pain sensation be amplified by more than a hundred times,”

“At that time, you will have to suffer great pain even for breathing and heartbeat,”

“Even if you are just stabbed with the tip of a needle a few times, it will make you die of pain.”

Speaking of this, Joseph added: “But don’t worry,”

“This stuff only works on the nervous system, so even if you feel like you’re about to die of pain,”

“There’s no danger to your life, so you have plenty of time to slowly experience this extraordinary and wonderful feeling!”

After hearing this, the two people were scared and almost collapsed immediately.

Charlie pointed directly at Jesse and said to Joseph, “Give him a shot first!”

Hearing the order, Joseph immediately went forward,

And directly stuck the needle of the syringe into Jesse’s thigh.

Jesse only felt an unprecedented intense pain coming rapidly, and immediately after that,

The pain started to spread from his leg to his whole body!

Soon, he felt that his wrists were hanging extremely painful,

The feeling was like putting both hands under the train wheels repeatedly crushed, the pain was extreme.

And his already hungry stomach, because of this drug, also hurt for a moment almost making him faint.

Every kind of pain he endured was already far beyond the maximum pain that a normal person can touch.

If a woman giving birth is ten levels of pain, he now feels at least over a hundred!

The intense pain made his body sinewy and his whole body screaming in agony,

He was undergoing hellish torture.

He nearly collapsed and loudly pleaded: “Mr. Wade …… I …… I’m in too much pain ……”

“I’m really in too much pain… . please kill me, I really can’t take it anymore!”

Charlie looked at his extremely painful appearance,

His heart did not have the slightest sympathy, and said in a cold voice:

“When begging me, you might as well think about how many innocent girls,”

“Have said the same thing to you, and have you spared them?”