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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4352 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4352 Start

At nine o’clock in the morning, Charlie took a helicopter and arrived in Long Beach, New York.

The plane flew directly to the luxurious villa rented by Joseph,

While Joseph came out to greet him together with Hattori Hanzo and Kazuo, the father and son.

When Hanzo saw Charlie, the whole person was extraordinarily nervous,

He hurriedly went forward and bowed and said, “Master Wade …… I am Hattori Hanzo,”

“The head of this generation of Iga ninja,”

“Earlier my son did not know that you were in New York,”

“And has offended you, so please forgive me!”

Charlie nodded, said indifferently:

“Seeing that you also once came to Waderest with Miss Ito to help me,”

“The previous matter, I will not blame, but from now on, you Iga ninja,”

“In everything, you will have to absolutely listen to my orders,”

“I will find you a very good home in the United States, you don’t need to move back to Japan.”

“Okay, Okay, Okay ……” Hanzo nodded piously,

Since he recorded the video admitting that he had carried out the terrorist attack,

He had understood that to Japan basically, he could not go back,

Excluding the iron will to follow Charlie, he could not think of any other option for his Iga ninja.

After all, only a few hundred meters away from this villa in another manor,

The entire Fei family, are racking their brains to find the whereabouts of the Iga ninja,

But they never dreamed that the Iga ninja would dare to fly all the way from Japan and come so close to them.

Charlie was satisfied with Hanzo’s attitude, nodded his head,

Then said to Joseph: “Joseph, how are those two guys doing?”

Joseph said, “Mr. Wade, those two guys have been hanging in the basement overnight.”

Charlie nodded and said indifferently, “Go, go take a look.”

When the four people came to the basement, Randal and Jesse were already exhausted,

The two had been hanging in the air, and had not eaten or drunk,

Their physical strength, endurance, and energy had long been exhausted,

Especially Randal, because he came early and hung out for a long time,

His wrists had been hanging dislocated, painful to the heart.

Seeing Charlie coming, the two men trembled with fear,

Randal knew that Charlie could not let him go, but still cried and said,

“Mr. Wade …… beg you to have mercy and let me go,”

“No matter how much money you want, I will let my family give you the amount… …”

Charlie waved his hand: “All right Randal, such words do not need to speak, save yourself some energy.”

Randal still bawling and begging: “Mr. Wade …… I beg you …… how much money?”

“You say a number …… Fei family will certainly make you satisfied!”

Charlie coldly said: “Randal, from now on, If I hear another word from your mouth again,”

” I will let someone remove a part of your body,”

“Until you are reduced into a human pig with the only torso and head left!”

Randal was scared out of his mind, and could only honestly shut his mouth.

Charlie then looked at Jesse beside him and coldly asked,

“You are Jesse Qiao, right? Do you know that I have been looking for you for a long time?”

Jesse shivered in fear, asked nervously:

“You …… who are you …… I do not seem to have offended you …… “

Charlie laughed: “You may indeed not have offended me, but I have offended you.”

Jesse asked with a foggy face, “I’m sorry …… I …… didn’t understand ……”

Charlie looked at him and smiled slightly: “Your brother Alan Qiao, I killed him!”

Hearing these words, Jesse’s expression was instantly shocked!

He knew that his greatest fear had still happened!

Jesse was afraid that he would end up like his brother,

So he fled to New York and hid with the Fei family.

But he never dreamed that even if he hid in the Fei family,

He could not hide from the man behind the curtain.

The person who kidnapped Randal, and the person who killed his brother, is the same ……

Thinking of his brother’s death, his heart was horrified and he subconsciously asked Charlie:

“What grudge do my brother and I have against you? Why do you want to do this to us?”