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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4351 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4351 Start

As soon as Tasha heard Sara mention Charlie, she immediately lit up and said offhandedly,

“Yes, yes! Find your Charlie, if the Fei family dares to bully you,”

“Let your Charlie beat the sh!t out of him!”

Sara said awkwardly, “Can you be a little more ladylike ……”

Tasha said: “I am usually very ladylike, but better not to provoke me,”

“Once you provoke me, I do not care what is the ladylike manner and whatnot,”

“Charlie, if he can kick that Adam to the ground,”

“I Tasha will definitely go up to make up for his black foot!”

Sara helplessly shook her head: “Really can’t do anything with you.”

After saying that, she looked at the time and said,

“Let’s go to the dance center to rehearse.”

Tasha asked, “What about the Fei family?”

“If we can’t get it right, the show will definitely be canceled……”

“It’s okay.” Sara waved her hand: “The Fei family’s purpose is to see me,”

“Not really to spoil the show, they should call you soon.”

Sara was indeed right.

Before she could leave the hotel, Tasha received a call from Adam.

On the phone, Adam smilingly asked, “Before saying I want to invite Miss Gu to dinner, can you tell if Miss Gu has time?”

Tasha pulled open the car door into the passenger seat, very indignantly said:

“Mr. Fei, you are a big name in New York,”

“Engage in such small means to target Sara, a little inappropriate, right?”

Adam played dumb and said, “Oh, what are you talking about, Miss Chen,”

“We appreciate Miss Gu very much, how could we possibly use any petty tactics against her?”

Tasha did not bother to talk nonsense with him and asked bluntly,

“If you are a man, tell me the truth, did you buy the venue for our performance?”

“Yes.” Adam admitted without thinking, “The venue was indeed bought by one of our companies,”

“And to be honest, that venue was last renovated a year ago,”

“And in our opinion is more or less out of step with the times,”

“So we intend to invest a large sum of money to upgrade it in all aspects.”

“After all, Miss Gu is an international star, we certainly can not let her suffer even a little bit!”

“So please also rest assured that once we have completed the construction of this venue,”

“We will definitely be the first to invite Miss Gu to come over for a concert,”

“And I promise you that we will definitely not charge a penny for the venue.”

Tasha gritted her teeth in anger and asked,

“Mr. Fei, let’s just open up and talk, just tell me,”

“What it will take to make sure our performance is held as scheduled.”

Adam smiled and said, “It’s not impossible to hold the show as scheduled,”

“But we have invested a lot of manpower and resources to prepare for the upgrade,”

“And many shows were postponed, we also compensated a lot of liquidated damages,”

“If Miss Gu really wants to perform as scheduled,”

“You might as well take time to have a meal together and sit down to have a good chat.”

Tasha said coldly: “I can’t make the decision,”

“I have to ask Miss Gu for instructions and get back to you later.”

“Okay.” Adam said, “Then I’ll wait for good news.”

Tasha hung up the phone and asked Sara, “Sara, what do you say? Should I promise him or?”

Sara said, “Charlie will come to New York later,”

“Let’s go to rehearsal first, I’ll call Charlie at noon and ask him.”