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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4347 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4347 Start

Dawson continued: “On the other side, is to give up their current identity,”

“For the two hundred billion ransom life anonymous, a lifetime of fear,”

“Money he does not dare to spend, if it were you, what would you choose? Would you choose the latter?”

Adam froze and asked in disbelief, “If he didn’t do it, then why did he hide in the Fei family?”

Dawson’s expression sank as he said in a cold voice, “I think, he should be afraid!”


Hearing his father’s speculation, Adam asked in surprise,

“Dad, do you mean that he knows who the people who did it to Randal are,”

“And at the same time is afraid that those people will do it to him?”

“That should be the case!” Dawson nodded with an extremely grave face, and then said,

“Thinking about what Duncan said just now, I suddenly feel a little taste ……”

Adam’s perception is still almost meaningful, so he asked: “Dad, what are you analyzing?”

Dawson did not answer his question but instructed the housekeeper to take the others, including Edna, out first.

After everyone left, Dawson said to Adam with a serious face,

“We haven’t been able to understand what the scandal Duncan just mentioned is,”

“But now I have a vague feeling that this scandal has a great probability to happen to Randal,”

“And it is also likely to be related to this Jesse.”

Saying that Dawson looked at Adam, asked:

“I think, there is a possibility that Randal and that Jesse,”

“Together to do something unseemly! This would also explain why Randal received Jesse quietly home,”

“And also every day met him in the set of unused villa ……”

Adam was busy asking, “Dad, what do you think they two 20-somethings can study?”

Dawson said in a cold voice: “The two of them must be talking about some kind of plan,”

“And they must have already started working on it.”

Saying that Dawson remembered something and hastily asked,

“When Randal disappeared, he was having a charity dinner?”

“Right.” Adam nodded and said, “It said that they had joined forces with the,”

“Chinese Chamber of Commerce and wanted to donate some money to Chinese orphans.”

Dawson frowned more tightly and asked Adam:

“It is your son, you must know more than anyone,”

“Do you think he suddenly ran out to do charity, this thing is normal?”

Adam nodded truthfully and said, “I’m not going to hide it from you, Dad,”

“This thing is indeed very unusual, Randal is indifferent,”

“And despises the poor in his bones, not a child with a charitable heart.”

“That’s it.” Dawson said gruffly: “Since it is very abnormal,”

“There must be something odd in it, maybe,”

“The two of them plotted for a few days, just plotting this charity dinner.”

Saying that Dawson asked, “You went to the scene when the accident happened,”

“Tell me, what were the more special circumstances at that time?”

“Special circumstances ……” Adam thought about it and said,

“There was a big international star named Sara,”

“Who is now the most famous Chinese singer, on the day of the charity dinner, she was the mystery guest. “

Dawson asked, “Who invited her?”

“Of course it was Randal ……” Adam said bluntly:

“That charity dinner was led by Randal, invited Sara,”

“It was also the intention of Randal, he commissioned the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to help pull the strings,”

“I reckon, it should be for that I guess, he should be a bit interested in the singer,”

“Wanted to take this opportunity to get acquainted with, boys,”

“You know, who wants to have something with the singer.”