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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4346 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4346 Start

Edna said in a hurry: “I heard from Robbin that the master sent someone to Japan to look for ninjas,”

“The first time I told him, then he disappeared …… I have also been unable to contact ……”

Adam hurriedly looked at Dawson and blurted out, “Dad! Could it be that Jesse did it?!”

Dawson frowned tightly, a person holding his chin pacing back and forth,

But for a day did not speak a word.

Adam could not stand it and hurriedly urged, “Dad! You should say something!”

Dawson only then spoke: “I do not know this Jesse, but I remember,”

“The Fei family’s financial reports in previous years,”

“And Seattle’s Qiao Group’s cooperation has been increasing,”

“The amount of cooperation from a billion a year, all the way up to billions,”

“This Qiao Group’s share price, because of close cooperation with us, a few years time has increased nearly ten times …… “

Adam gave a roar: “Then this Jesse is not ungrateful?!”

Dawson waved his hand: “I think it should not be done by him.”

Adam was surprised and asked, “Dad, so many clues are pointing to him, who else but him?”

Dawson shook his head: “You say which person is worth tens of billions of dollars,”

“Would go to the extreme to do kidnapping for ransom?”

“What’s more, the kidnapper is also his own golden master,”

“Is this not killing the chicken to get the eggs?”

Adam said: “Although he is worth tens of billions of dollars,”

“But most of that is the market value of the stock discounted into the stock,”

“In order to maintain the share price, the majority of shareholders can not arbitrarily reduce the stock,”

“Then the majority of his shares can not be realized,”

“He can really dispose of cash will be greatly reduced,”

“And may encounter some difficulties, desperate is also normal, right?”

“Still not right.” Dawson still shook his head and said,

“Think about it, if Jesse really wants to kidnap Randal, why would he run to the Fei family himself?”

“And Randal has already been kidnapped, he has not left,”

“Instead, he continues to stay here, let this maid help him, spy?”

Adam said without thinking, “Don’t people always say that the most dangerous place is the safest?”

“He is hiding in our house, this is the darkness under the lights, who can find him?”

Dawson asked again, “Then I ask you since he wants to hide in our home to play a hand in the dark,”

“He continues to lurk in darkness on the line? We didn’t find him, why would he leave?”

Adam immediately said, “I think, he must have a relationship with those ninjas,”

“It is likely that the ninja who kidnapped Randal was hired by him,”

“So he heard that we went to find those ninjas, the first thought is to hurry to escape!”

Dawson sighed and said with some hatred,

“You have not been clear about the logic underlying this matter,”

“Although that Jesse ran only after hearing that we went to find the Japanese ninjas,”

“But this also shows that if the ninja matter is not revealed,”

“Jesse does not intend to leave the Fei family,”

“And even he would like to continue to hide in the Fei family!”

Speaking of this, Dawson questioned,

“Think about it yourself, if he is really the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Randal,”

“Then why does he want to hide in the Fei family? He is also a well-known entrepreneur,’

“In this case, the longer he disappears from the public eye, the greater the possibility of exposure,”

“If it were me, I would definitely return to my own normal life at the first opportunity,”

“Try to let the world think that I have nothing to do with this matter,”

“You really do not think, in order to extort ransom, he intends to give up his high society identity,”

“A lifetime of hiding, anonymity? Then what’s the use of all that money he wants?”

“On one side, he is worth tens of billions of dollars and has a golden master like the Fei family as his backer,”

“So not only does he have a bright future ahead of him,”

“But he can also spend money and enjoy himself openly all the time;”