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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4344 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4344 Start

Although the Richard Mille that Jesse gave her was also worth a lot of money,

But compared to the future life of a young grand-daughter of a luxurious family,

A mere watch, she did not even put it in her eyes.

While her mind was wandering, the housekeeper,

With the maid, supervisor, and several sturdy bodyguards, rushed in directly.

The butler said to Adam’s wife, “First Madam,”

“I’m looking for your maid for something, please excuse me.”

Adam’s wife knew that the butler had a lot of power in the Fei family,

And this time he came to look for her maid,

So he must have something important, so she nodded hastily and said, “Be my guest.”

The housekeeper said thank you, and immediately after that,

The maid supervisor beside him pointed at Edna and spoke, “That’s her! She is Edna!”

At this moment, the other maids in the room were all trembling with nervousness,

In their opinion, the housekeeper had come so aggressively to ask for someone, that it could not be anything good.

But Edna was the only one who didn’t think so,

She thought that this must be her prince charming coming to rescue her!

Maybe after walking out of this room, it won’t be long before she becomes Mrs. Qiao.

Next time, when she returned to the Fei family as Mrs. Qiao,

The Fei family’s servants, including the Fei family’s big butler, would have to treat her with respect!

Thinking of this, she said excitedly and incomparably, “I am Edna, what do you want from me, butler?”

The butler stared at her and said to the bodyguards around him, “Take her away!”

Two bodyguards immediately rushed forward and grabbed Edna’s two arms roughly, and then set her up.

Edna struggled angrily, “What are you doing? Do you know how much it hurts me?”

“If you really hurt me, can you afford to be responsible?”

The housekeeper came over and slapped her across the face, scolding her angrily,

“You’re not afraid at all, but you dare to shout here openly,”

“Let’s see how the master will fix you!”

After hearing this, Edna’s whole body was scared speechless.

She couldn’t understand why the master wanted to clean her up for.

The master was the head of the entire Fei family,

And she was a small maid in the Fei family,

There was a difference of a hundred thousand miles,

She didn’t even have the chance to see the master, how could she have offended him?

The frightened Edna was taken directly to the large study of Dawson.

As soon as the two bodyguards put her down, Dawson stared at her and asked in a stern voice,

“How did you know that I was going to send someone to Japan to look for ninjas? Tell me now!!!”

Edna was frightened by Dawson’s aura and immediately wanted to tell the truth,

But then she thought, “Young Master Qiao has instructed me,”

“That these things must not be told to anyone, not even my parents!”

“This is about the future of both of us, about my lifelong happiness,”

“I absolutely can not let young master Qiao down!”

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, “I …… I was just blurting it out ……”

“After all …… After all, Japanese ninjas have always been very famous ……”

Adam at this time saw Edna unexpectedly denied, completely sulked,

He directly rushed forward, cursing under his breath:

“Still fcuking lying! See if I don’t beat you to death!”

After saying that, he kicked her in the stomach, she fell out backward,

Fell heavily to the ground and slid backward for several feet.

Just when Adam wanted to rush up and continue the violent beating,

He suddenly saw that there was a watch on the floor,

Which fell out of Edna’s pocket just now.

So, he picked up the watch, fixed his eyes on it, and could not help but frown: “Richard Miller?

Robbin on the side was a Richard Miller super fan,

And had bought a few Richard Miller entry model watches himself,

So he immediately recognized the model number of this watch, which turned out to be RM056!

He immediately realized that there was really something wrong with this Edna!

So he hurriedly said, “Young master, this is Richard Miller’s RM056!”

“If I remember correctly, it is limited to only 10 pieces worldwide,”

“And the market price is at least three to four million dollars or more, and there is no market for it ……”

After hearing this, Adam immediately glared at Edna and questioned,

“Speak! How did you, a maid, get such an expensive watch?!”