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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4342 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4342 Start

As Duncan spoke, he took out a business card, handed it to Adam, said lightly:

“If you think about it, willing to cooperate with me then contact me,”

“We do not have much time left, you certainly do not want to collect,”

“The body of your son after the 48-hour deadline, and I will soon retire,”

“Do not want to leave such a headless unsolved case before retirement.”

Adam’s expression was shocked and appalled, and subconsciously took Duncan’s business card,

And was organizing his language to say something when Duncan daintily said,

“Goodbye!” Then he turned around and left.

As soon as Duncan left, Adam panicked and said to his father Dawson:

“Dad …… that Duncan has a point! This matter is indeed too strange!”

Although Dawson’s expression was very hard to see, but also vaguely penetrated by panic,

He subconsciously asked: “What is the big scandal he said in the end?”

“Is it about your grandfather? However, the means by which I seized the position of family head is basically legal,”

“Even if I go to court, I will not lose, what is really illegal is that I did not allow him to return,”

“And quietly sent people to find his whereabouts,”

“Looking for opportunities to eliminate the root, but in this matter, we have not yet succeeded!”

“Even if it comes to light, I can deny it, what can be the big impact? It’s not a big scandal, right?”

Adam nodded gently, smacked his lips, and said,

“I also think not to …… if grandfather was really solved by us,”

“This matter would not be pestering us at the moment,”

“But we did not succeed ah, even grandfather’s shadow has not been found … …”

Dawson sat back in his chair and said with a few layers of panic:

“Then what exactly does Duncan mean …… Adam, do you have any scandal that I don’t know about?”

“Ah? Me?” Adam all of a sudden got a little nervous, stammering for half a day but could not say anything.

Dawson slammed the table and shouted angrily, “What time is it, still covering up! Speak up!”

Adam shivered in fear and said: “I …… I just have an ambiguous relationship with a few Hollywood actresses ……”

“One of them is the wife of a well-known director ……”

To say here, Adam hurriedly said: “But this is not much right …… in Hollywood,”

“This kind of thing is not very normal? There is this male star,”

“Who openly support their own wives outside looking for fresh boyfriends,”

“They are very open, very open, even if this thing gets known, the people wouldn’t care much……”

The words just fell, Adam subconsciously looked up and asked, “Dad …… you?”

“I?” Even if there is a scandal, it is 20 or 30 years ago or even earlier,”

“Even if it is exposed, there is no point!”

“I think the big scandal that Duncan is talking about is not an ordinary male or female affair at all!”

“This kind of thing here is at most considered gossip,”

“Not really a scandal, think about it in another direction!”

Adam was at a loss: “I really can’t think of anything ……”

Dawson remembered something, suddenly awakened, asked him off the cuff:

“This scandal, will not be with Randal?”

“Randal?” Adam is even more puzzled: “Randal he has good character and good education,”

“There can not be any scandal, even if there is,”

“At most, it could be an affair with a girl, what else can it be?”

Dawson coldly snorted, with a little contempt spoke:

“I think Duncan is at the end of his rope if this case can not be solved,”

“He is sure to be late, so he imagined a lot, what a detective, but a vain name!”

As he was talking, the butler ran in in a hurry and said out of the blue,

“Master, Robbin said that there is a very important clue to report to you!”


Dawson was a bit surprised and asked, “Who is Robbin?”

The butler hurriedly explained, “Robbin Song is one of the supervisors of our business team,”

“You said yesterday that you wanted to purchase a Concorde,”

“And he was one of those responsible for pulling the strings.”

Dawson frowned and asked, “What leads does he have to report to me?”

“If the Concorde is available, he would have to ask the person in charge of the procurement to negotiate the price,”

“No need to report to me in person.”