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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4341 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4341 Start

When Duncan and Marshal were cooking and discussing,

The two of them had already analyzed the situation of the Fei family to an approximate extent.

According to the two men’s speculation, the mysterious man kidnapped Randal,

Not at all to extract out the money,

But to push the Fei family into the world’s spotlight, and then publicly execute them.

Only, Dawson and Adam, the father and son of the Fei family,

Were concerned only about the kidnapping and did not realize this.

Therefore, when they heard Duncan’s words, both of them had an incredulous look on their faces.

Especially Dawson, because his means to seize the position of the family head was a bit shameful,

And he was still searching for his father’s whereabouts,

So he was instinctively a bit vain, and when he heard Duncan’s words,

He angrily rebuked: “What a joke! My Fei family is upright and honorable,”

“What big scandal would be grasped by the kidnappers?”

“You detective, instead of trying to find the kidnapper,”

“You come to me and make a big speech, what is your intention? Do you want to see us laugh?”

Duncan shook his head and said seriously, “Frankly speaking,”

“Although I don’t like the fact that you are forcing the palace to seize power,”

“I really don’t have the intention of watching your jokes when you come here today.”

Saying that Duncan looked at the two people and added:

“I think that the kidnappers are deliberately letting that scandal of Mr. Fei k!ssing a standing girl,”

“On the street came to light first, and then deliberately leaving the Fei family a good opportunity,”

“To open up the truth and turn around public opinion;”

Then, he turned his words and said in a cold voice: “But this may seem like a good opportunity,”

“But in reality, there are killing opportunities all over the world. Even the gods can’t save you!”

Dawson’s face turned red and white.

Everything is always about a righteous name, and since his position as the family head was dishonorable,

This matter became an extremely sensitive point in his heart.

When he heard Duncan say that he did not like the fact that he had forced himself to seize power,

He was so irritated that he did not even hear the second half of Duncan’s words and said to him angrily:

“Inspector Li, you are not welcome here, please leave now!”

Duncan said helplessly, “Mr. Fei, I know you are a decent person, decent people love reputation,”

“Love face this is right, but don’t let the love of face affect the judgment of the matter,”

“Avoiding the disease will only lead to the aggravation of the disease,”

“And the ultimate consequences, all personally have to bear.”

Dawson did not expect Duncan still seized this issue chatter,

Suddenly got angry and said: “You get out! Get out of here now!”

Duncan frowned slightly and wanted to say something,

But hesitated for a moment or gave up his intention and turned to Adam and spoke with an indifferent expression,

“Mr. Fei, let me tell you the truth, the real kidnappers,”

“All have one thing in common, that is,”

“They all try to reduce the attention of the incident as much as possible!”

“In the kidnapping cases, I have encountered in my decades of a police career,”

“One hundred percent of the kidnappers, all clearly warned the victim’s family not to call the police!”

“Moreover, the reason for more than half of the kidnapping cases is because,”

“The incident was exposed in transition and the kidnappers killed the victim to protect themselves!”

“But in the case of your son’s kidnapping, what is bizarre is that the kidnapper is not afraid of exposure,”

“But has been using his means in pushing the wave,”

“It seems as if he would prefer the matter to be known to the world,”

“And attract the attention of the world, which itself is against common sense.”

“As the saying goes, there must be a demon when things go wrong,”

“Your father’s judgment is now disturbed by subjective thoughts,”

“Unable to calmly and objectively make a judgment, so I hope you can calm down and think about it,”

“This scandal, it could happen to any one of your grandchildren,”

“If you can find clues, maybe Randal still has a chance to be saved.”