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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4338 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4338 Start

In addition, Hanzo did not reveal the true identity of those forces outside the country in the video,

This was also because Charlie had given his authorization.

Although he intended to make Randal a street rat,

He was not prepared to bring the entire Fei family into disrepute.

After all, in his planning, the Fei family is still to be handed over to Douglas Fei to continue to operate,

If the entire Fei family are tossed half-dead, in the future,

Even if Master Fei re-take over, the entire Fei family has become a mess.

In the future, Master Fei will probably still have to spend $200 billion to buy the Rejuvenation Pill,

And for this kind of potential big customer, he still has to try to keep more energy.

As long as this time the line of Randal and his father and grandfather is abolished,

And then the matter of how they forced Douglas out of the Fei family is exposed,

Douglas can take back the control of the Fei family in name only.

Soon, the video sparked a huge reaction on the Internet.

The world knows that a horrific terrorist attack took place in a small town in Japan yesterday,

And everyone is concerned about the inside story and the follow-up of this matter,

But they did not expect someone to come out and admit it so soon,

And it is also the famous Iga ninja in Japan.

Most of the foreign netizens were just watching the fun,

But the Japanese public could not be calm and in an instant,

Countless people on the Internet raged against the Iga ninja, calling them the shame of Japan.

Some people even proposed to search for the Iga ninja all over Japan and arrest them all,

And put them in jail. Some right-wingers even called on the largest Yamaguchi group in Japan,

To hunt down and kill the Iga ninja in order to cleanse Japan of traitors.

Hanzo and Kazuo, father and son, saw the overwhelming insults on the Internet and nearly fainted from the pain.

Japan’s homeland security department was also dumbfounded.

The original is to receive a tip to catch a group of people,

Intended to take advantage of the opportunity to give them a bigger crime,

So as to restore the face of the previous loss,

But who would have thought that the lie was made up, but became true?

Now, the most furious is the Fei family.

When he saw the news, Dawson wanted to tear down his home and cursed angrily:

“Iga ninjas have some big fcuking disease!”

“Why did they suddenly jump out and release a video saying they are terrorists for no good reason?”

“Just to fcuk with us? Isn’t that like killing a hundred enemies and losing a thousand?”

Adam was also confused, and after watching the video several times,

He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t understand it either, isn’t this like eating sh!t and spitting it on others?”

“I really can’t understand their brain circuit, they are so screwed, they are not finished?”

Dawson sighed and said with a resentful face, “They are still only killing a hundred enemies,”

“If they expose us, or if the Japanese homeland security department finds us out,”

“Then we will really be in big trouble! And Randal is still in their hands, we are really too passive ……”

Speaking of this, Dawson clenched his fist and slammed the table, angrily:

“Really not good to see, the kid is difficult to deal with!”

“I really did not expect that a mere ninja family could force my Fei family to this point!”

Adam said with a worried face, “Dad, the time given by the kidnappers, not much left of it……”

Adam’s statement that time was running out made Dawson even more worried.

He couldn’t help but question Adam:

“We sent so many people and offered so much money, and still haven’t found any clues?”

“No ……” Adam spoke: “Our people, as well as these local gangs, are almost digging up the whole New York,”

“But there are just no clues ……”

Dawson angrily rebuked: “All a bunch of rice buckets! Especially those intelligence officers,”

“Usually so much money to feed them, just to let them play a role in critical moments,”

“But the more this time, the more they are useless!”