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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4333 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4333 Start

Adam did not care to explain, swallowed his saliva, and said in a panic:

“Dad! Something big has happened in Japan!”

Dawson looked at the time and said, “What’s the big deal?”

“They just reported to me the progress not long ago,”

“They should have just started to penetrate the Iga ninja’s compound,”

“So something big has happened so soon? What’s the big deal?”

“Could it be that they’ve alerted the snake?”

“Not ……,” Adam said offhandedly, “Japan’s homeland security department released a news,”

“That there was a terrorist attack in Iga Castle, where the Iga ninja are located,”

“And a group of terrorists from outside the country,”

“Intending to create a terrorist attack in Osaka and Nagoya Terrorist attacks,”

“Was discovered in advance by Japan’s homeland security department,”

“The terrorists used explosive bombs in a vain attempt with the anti-terrorist forces,”

“Resulting in their own death and wounded most, and the rest were caught!”

Dawson heard this paragraph, the first thought is, they sent all the elite,

They certainly can not go wrong, this so-called half of the dead and wounded, the dead must be Iga ninja.

So, he said with some anger, “What’s the situation? These guys blew up all the Iga ninja?”

“These sons of b!tches, I told them not to make too much noise in Japan!”

“Let them take the people out of there first, how the h3ll did they do that?”

Adam said tearfully, “Dad, you don’t understand, the Japanese homeland security department said,”

“It was foreign terrorists! The dead and wounded are also foreign terrorists!”

“It’s not the Iga ninja, it’s our people!”

“What?!” Dawson’s eyes went black and he asked,

“Are you saying that half of our people are killed or injured? How did they die?”

Adam said, “The news said that our people had prepared bombs in advance for a terrorist attack,”

“And when they were discovered, they detonated the bombs!”

“Bull5hit!” Dawson roared in anger: “All the people I sent were martial arts masters,”

“How could they have used bombs to carry out the attack?”

“What’s more, they went to Japan by plane, even if they had bombs,”

“They couldn’t have brought them in by plane,”

“And they couldn’t have gotten bombs in such a short period of time!”

Adam said helplessly, “Dad, that’s what the news said, I’ve asked people to contact the people we sent there,”

“And now the situation is that none of them can still be contacted!”

“I’m worried that they are really in bad luck ……”

Dawson grabbed his treasured alabaster pot and viciously slammed it to the ground, roaring in anger,

“Dmn! Iga ninja are determined to go to war with my Fei family?”

“This must be a trap laid by those ba5tards! Not only did they kill our men,”

“But they also made our men take the blame! What an outrageous piece of f!lth!”

After saying that, he looked at Adam and ordered through clenched teeth,

“Hurry up and have someone go and get information first,”

“I want to know how many of our men are killed,”

“How many are injured, and how many are captured!”

Adam hurriedly said, “Dad, I contacted the Japanese intelligence officers,”

“And told them to go and find out the information.”