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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4332 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4332 Start

This news immediately exploded into the night in Japan.

After a few months of calm since the last Tokyo chaos, the people were surprised to hear about a new terrorist attack today.

However, the good thing is that their special forces are brave and good at fighting, avoiding tragedy.

This is really a great relief to many people,

And also makes everyone’s impression on the homeland security department.

However, there are still many people who cannot understand why these terrorists,

Those who came from outside the country did not target big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya,

But instead found a small place between Osaka and Nagoya to carry out terrorist attacks.

This query, too, resonated with a lot of people on the Internet.

People really can’t figure it out. The feeling is like a group of well-organized thieves…

Who traveled thousands of miles to your house,

But didn’t steal anything before, but just took an egg from the chicken nest.

The Japanese security department was busy bringing the suspects caught at the scene to Osaka for interrogation,

And their chief, also immersed in the joy of this turnaround,

He was a bit overwhelmed when he saw the growing number of questions on the Internet.

But he did not dwell too much on this issue, after all, the story is told,

Anyway, they did capture a group of foreign forces, this even dead and more than a hundred people…

They are not the actors they found, this credit can not be erased.

Charlie has been paying attention to this side of public opinion,

Seeing the white gift to the Japanese security department,

Seeing that the network of doubt is getting louder and louder,

And this homeland department did not come out to further explain, Charlie could not help but for them to sweat.

So, he immediately called Nanako Ito, instructed her to help arrange some support,

And hurried to find a few reasons for the Japanese homeland security department.

A voice soon appeared on the Internet, and someone told netizens as someone,

Who was in the know, that the terrorists had in fact only deliberately chosen Iga City,

A small place, as their base, and that their real purpose was to launch terrorist attacks…

On the two major cities nearby, namely Osaka and Nagoya,

By splitting their forces in two directions immediately after they had finished their assembly…

After they would have completed all the preparations in Iga City.

It was because of the early detection of the Japanese homeland security department that these two major cities were spared.

So from this point of view, the Homeland department takes the most credit.

Once this statement was made, those doubts immediately dissipated.

After all, this argument is justified, Iga City, a small place,

Just sandwiched between these two big cities,

Hiding here to premeditate the attack against these two cities, really makes sense.

So, the internet is again full of praise for the Homeland Security Department.

The homeland security department itself is also very puzzled,

They did not expect such a statement, did not expect someone to help them find such a good solution,

This is like you are feeling sleepy and someone handed you the pillow!

So, they also simply immediately packaged this set of rhetoric and immediately released it.

This time, the situation was instantly and completely stabilized.

At the same time, the news from Japan also reached the ears of the Fei family.

Adam hurriedly ran to his father, Dawson, and said with a panting voice, “Dad! Something big has happened again!”

When Dawson saw Adam’s panicked appearance, he couldn’t help but frown and say:

“How many times do you want me to tell you?”

“Can’t you have some composure! You’re the son of the Fei family,”

“But you’re in a mess when you encounter something.”

“If outsiders know about it, where can you put your face?”