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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4330 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4330 Start

In addition, it was already nighttime, and even the streets were so empty that there was not even a single tourist in sight.

For such a small town, the influx of hundreds of people in one breath seems a bit abrupt.

When the Fei family’s men arrived in Iga in dozens of cars,

The anti-terrorist forces, who had been in ambush position in Iga, had already discovered their presence.

So the anti-terrorist forces began to rub their fists together,

Waiting for a suitable opportunity to neutralize the gang in one go.

This group of experts sent by the Fei family had also discovered something unusual at this time.

They originally thought that even if Iga City was small,

A hundred or so people coming in should still not be too conspicuous.

But now, the situation is very different from what they expected.

There were very few cars coming and going on the street,

And as they drove into Iga from various intersections one after another,

The street was almost full of their cars.

A deputy captain felt something was wrong and said to the captain of another car on his cell phone,

“Boss, why do I feel that something is not right? It’s dead everywhere ……”

“Yes …… I also did not expect that this city is so cold ……”

That captain also showed some puzzle, simply ignored him and said:

“Iga ninja’s residence is in the center of the city Iga County Castle,”

“Most of the members of the Iga family live there,”

“Including the leader of this generation Hattori Hanzo,”

“We must do it as soon as possible later to catch people as fast as possible,”

“The city has the advantage of being small, the police here is estimated to add up to no more than fifty people,”

“Armed police is estimated to be even twenty people,”

“Basically we do not have to worry.”

“And the traffic route here is very good,”

“The retreat is also easier, in short, it is good for us!”

The people heard him say so, so they did not think much about it.

However, at this time, there was not even a stray dog in the huge Iga Prefecture.

However, at this time, Iga Prefecture is bright as fire.

Just two hours ago, the Iga ninjas were ordered by Nana Ito to sneak into Iga Castle,

And disguise it as an inhabited place, and prepare a super gift for the Fei family experts.

Unaware of the deception, the group of experts of the Fei family scattered in all directions in the night,

And effortlessly tumbled through the outer wall into the Iga Castle.

At this time, the counter-terrorism unit was monitoring the group’s movements,

Closely through the drones deployed hundreds of meters above the ground.

Seeing them all quickly sneak into Iga Castle,

The person in charge of the scene immediately asked the commander for instructions:

“Sir, the targets have all entered Iga Castle, all helicopters are ready,”

“Snipers have occupied all the high points around the Castle,”

“Please order whether to carry out the arrest? We’re going to capture them.”

The commander immediately said, “Don’t be in a hurry!”

“It seems that their target is the Iga ninja,”

“So since we have already set up a net, we might as well wait for them to fight!”

His men hurriedly said, “Sir, if we do it now,”

“We can neutralize them all and minimize the damage before they do!”

The commander said in a cold voice: “If we do it now, what will they be punished for?”

“Trespassing? The public will laugh at us when we announce that we have caught a group of criminals breaking and entering!”

“That’s why we must wait for them to make the first move,”

“And make a big deal out of it, and then we will catch them!”

As soon as the words were spoken, explosions suddenly erupted throughout Iga Castle!

The violent explosion made the entire Iga City felt like an earthquake,

And the Iga Castle, which covers hundreds of thousands of square meters, was instantly in flames!

At least ten explosive sites within Iga Castle were detonated at the same time,

And the wooden buildings inside, which were at least three to four hundred years old,

Were instantly plunged into a sea of fire!

The hundred or so Fei family experts who had just sneaked into Iga Prefecture were instantly killed and injured!

These martial arts masters from all over the world never dreamed that…

What awaited them were not Iga ninja armed with long swords, but powerful and potent explosives!

More than half of them were seriously injured in the explosion alone,

And the fires that ignited after the explosion made it difficult for the rest of them to retreat!

In the midst of the fire, desperate screams can be heard from time to time,

Like a purgatory, making those who are alive even more frightened!

The commander of the Homeland Security Department was watching the live broadcast through the drone screen,

And was stunned at the scene of the violent explosion.

He also did not expect that the Iga ninja would be so unmartial.

The duel between martial arts masters, shouldn’t it be a cold weapon?

How did it blow up like this all of a sudden? What can we do now?

Hundreds of anti-terrorist elites got the news in advance,

And still, let such a big thing happen under their noses,

If this gets out, the reputation of the homeland security department is lost!

Nervous, he had a flash of inspiration and immediately said,

“These terrorists dare to create such a horrific attack in our territory,”

“All anti-terrorist forces immediately mobilize, arrest them all!”

The drones zoomed in to show that they lost a lot of money in the explosion. Maybe the Iga ninja did it!”

The commander immediately said, “Baka! Their original intention was to cause multiple terrorist bombings in Iga City,”

“But thanks to our early detection and containment of these terrorists in Iga City,”

“We were able to force the vicious terrorists to detonate their bombs with the intention of dying with us,”

“And our anti-terrorist elite, under the proper command of Homeland Security,”

“Not only did they not suffer any damage, but they also protected the entire population of Iga City.”

“A perfect anti-terrorist operation!”