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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 433 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 433 Start

Harold was also suffocated in his heart.

What the f*ck is this called?

He saw Liu Ming being handcuffed by the traffic police to the side of the road, and wanted to come over to say hello and chat. He didn’t expect this guy to come up and curse and spit on his face. This is so f*cking disgusting!

He angrily said: “Mr. Liu, you are too much! I came over to ask the situation out of concern among friends, how can you do this?”

Liu Ming scolded, “You f*cking care? Besides, you poor guy is worthy of being my friend? You are a chicken, you, stinky silk, big poor guy, do you want to be close to me? Get out!”

“I…” Harold was wronged.

But he didn’t dare to confront Liu Ming. After all, the ability of the Liu family was countless times stronger than that of the Willson family who was on the verge of bankruptcy. Offending him would definitely not end well.

So, he could only use his sleeves to dry the phlegm on his face, and said angrily: “Mr. Liu, you are so passionate, sorry.”

After speaking, he quickly turned into the car and drove away.

At this time, he felt wronged in his heart.

What the h*ll do you think this is…

It’s so maddening to pay for life!

Here, Liu Ming is not feeling well.

He was also sighing, what the h*ll is this? he wanted to go home low-key, but he didn’t expect to have an exhibition at the intersection of the city center.

Many people took photos of him with their mobile phones, and some even posted them on facebook and Instagram. The good guys even gave him a new nickname, “Aurous Hill No. 1 Poor Hang.”

Liu Ming’s deeds spread throughout Aurous Hill all at once…


The night at the Champs Elysées hot spring felt very tormenting for Charlie.

Originally, he was going to sleep with his wife Claire directly.

As a result, he didn’t know if Elsa was deliberate or unintentional. She insisted on pulling Claire to sleep together, and she also called her girlfriend time.

Therefore, Charlie could only sleep in another room by himself.

The next day, they were going to check out and return to the city after getting up, but the two women were reluctant to partake in the private hot spring here, so they soaked for another morning before they reluctantly checked out with Charlie.

However, after the baptism of the hot springs, both of them looked radiant and extremely beautiful.

When checking out, Issac came in person.

He chased Charlie and Claire to apologize again and again, and warned all Champs Ely’s employees on the spot that if there were any more cases of treating customers differently and favoring one another, it would not be tolerated.

The entire Champs Elysian staff finally realized the importance of serving customers well.

Afterwards, Issac took the top of Champs Elys and politely sent Charlie and the others out of the gate.

Issac had originally planned to send Charlie to the parking lot. Charlie gave him a look and said calmly: “We will go directly to the parking lot to pick up the car and return to the city, so you don’t have to face things again.”

Issac was also very on the road, knowing that Charlie didn’t want to let herself always follow, so he hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Wade, go slowly.”

Out of the gate, Elsa stretched her waist very enchantingly, and said: “It’s really comfortable to take a bath in the hot springs. Claire, if you two are fine, how nice it would be to stay here for a few days and then go back!”

Claire smiled and said, “My company has just opened, and there are so many things. How can I live here for a few days…”