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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4329 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4329 Start

The Fei family sent this group of experts, the vast majority of them are martial arts masters from around the world.

In addition to Chinese martial arts experts, there are many experts who have studied martial arts from other countries.

In the field of international martial arts, Korea’s taekwondo, Japan’s karate, ninjutsu, Thailand’s boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu,

As well as Western boxing and combat experts in Europe and the United States,

All have a place, and they are also very popular martial arts names in their respective fields.

However, most of these martial artists, do not have a complete internal martial arts method,

Most of them are just misguided to find a little bit of internal martial arts doorway.

And even in many martial arts schools, their internal martial arts techniques are also gradually lost,

So their practical combat ability did not open a large gap with other martial arts.

At this stage, there are many other countries’ martial arts masters,

Can improve their strength to the same level as martial arts five-star, or even six-star martial artists.

It is even said that the martial arts in other countries,

There are also the top experts of the Patriarch level,

The real combat power, may not be worse than Joseph!

And the Fei family in order to enhance their own strength,

The martial arts experts of all walks of life are on the list,

Today sent a group of people, the strength can reach four-star martial artists,

There are nearly ten people, the rest are also in the two-star and three-star martial artist segment,

The overall combat power is still very strong.

After completing the customs formalities,

The group did not dare to delay and immediately took the bus to Iga.

According to their original plan, after arriving in Iga,

They are to immediately attack the Iga ninja,

Directly catching the thief first and in any case,

They had to control Hattori Hanzo,

As a bargaining chip to negotiate with Hattori Kazuo and exchange for Randal.

Even the Fei family had already arranged a retreat plan in advance.

After capturing the man, they would immediately take him to the nearest port,

And leave Japan by boat to avoid the Japanese government’s pursuit.

In the field of martial arts around the world, the ninja is not considered strong.

Only when the ninjas are in the shadows can their strength come into play,

Once the ninjas are exposed in the open, their combat power is greatly diminished.

Therefore, this group of experts of the Fei family was very sure about this operation.

However, when they arrived in Iga City,

They didn’t know that the Iga ninja’s compound had already been emptied.

And waiting for them here are hundreds of loaded and eager anti-terrorist troops.

The last time Ruoli escaped from prison and disappeared at sea,

It has been a great shame for the Japanese homeland security department.

If Ruoli had been missing, they could barely use the reason that she is probably dead to comfort themselves.

But unfortunately, after the battle of the Waderest,

Ruoli suddenly announced in a high profile to join the Cataclysmic Front, which put the Homeland Security Organizations in trouble.

Although the strength of the Cataclysmic Front,

It is impossible to go against the whole of Japan,

But the Cataclysmic Front such mercenary organizations are very strong,

And the ability to infiltrate and destroy is very strong,

The Japanese side, in case of such a large mercenary organization, can do nothing,

Only hope that this group of mercenaries never come to Japan to cause trouble.

So in this case, they do not dare to ask for people from the Cataclysmic Front.

In fact, they also know very well in their hearts,

Cataclysmic Front is so well-informed, it is impossible not to know Ruoli’s entanglement,

But even in this case, Cataclysmic Front also announced the addition of Ruoli, which is clearly to cover her.

If the Japanese side really asked the Cataclysmic Front to ask for someone,

It will definitely be tied to the Cataclysmic Front.

Therefore, the Japanese side simply pretended to be deaf,

And did not express any opinion about Ruoli’s joining the Cataclysmic Front.

But in this way, it also made Japan’s homeland security department wildly condemned by the domestic public.

The security department, which was holding its breath,

Had been trying to find an opportunity to make a turnaround,

But the current situation in the country, which is peaceful inside and outside,

Simply did not have a stage for them to play on.

In the domestic, the Ito family with an absolute advantage to become the country’s first family,

Several major ninja forces are also dependent on the Ito family,

So that the big family and ninja forces completely stopped the internal fighting.

And abroad, since the escape of Ruoli, there is nothing outside the power to focus the target on Japan,

All of a sudden the entire security department hung out to dry on the pillar of shame.

So, this time the mysterious informant, it became the key to the entire security department to turn around!


Iga City itself is a very small city compared to a standard definition of a city.

In such a small city of 10,000 people, the majority of the population are farmers,

Who work hard in the surrounding countryside, and there are only 2,000 to 3,000 residents living in the city.

Among these two to three thousand people, the Iga family’s own people accounted for a few hundred.

Among the rest, apart from the civil servants,

More than half of the ordinary citizens are serving the Iga family.

Therefore, in the center of this small town, most of the mansions are the assets of the Iga ninja,

And the Iga family is the owner of the city.

Now, after the departure of the Iga family as the owner,

Many of the people who serve the Iga family in this small town also received notice,

To take a temporary leave of absence from their homes.

This small town became dead all of a sudden.

Moreover, since the place is so small and the only selling point is the Iga ninja,

There is little room for the tourist industry to develop both vertically and horizontally,

So that the number of tourists here is also pitifully low.