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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4327 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4327 Start

All the women in the family started to pack their luggage quickly at home.

Everyone strictly followed Hanzo’s order to take only the necessities,

And small valuables and leave the rest at home,

Even if they knew that they might not be able to return in their lifetime,

They were not allowed to take a large amount of luggage.

The original five-hour evacuation time,

The entire Iga ninja only took less than two hours to make all the preparations.

Then, hundreds of people from all over the Iga ninja arrived at Kansai International Airport in Osaka,

Which is less than a hundred kilometers away.

Here, the three Boeing 777 planes arranged by Nanako Ito had been waiting for a long time.

When Charlie instructed Nanako to arrange the planes, he deliberately asked her to be risk-averse.

These two planes were chartered in the name of Hattori Kazuo,

And the money was also paid from the United States by Charlie,

So even if the Fei family jumped to the wall, they would not investigate the Ito family.

Soon, the entire Iga ninja clan finished boarding,

And the three planes took off smoothly from Kansai Airport one after another.

At this moment, a plane of experts sent by the Fei family would take more than seven hours to reach Osaka.

The experts on the planes were resting up,

Not knowing that their closest moment to the target would happen in more than three hours,

When they would pass each other on the route over the Bering Sea.

It is said to be a brush but for aviation safety reasons,

The distance between the opposing planes is at least ten kilometers away.

But even so, this will be the shortest physical distance between them at any point.

After confirming that the two Boeing 777s had taken off,

Joseph followed Charlie’s instructions and anonymously provided CNN with an important clue.

Right now, although the Fei family knew that Randal was kidnapped by ninjas from Japan,

But since Hattori Kazuo and the others all used disguised fake identities to enter the country,

They did not find out, for the time being, which ninja clan the kidnappers were from.

Originally, they planned to send the people to Japan first and then investigate from there,

But unexpectedly, the anonymous informant directly revealed,

All the real information of the eight Iga ninjas who participated in the kidnapping of Randal.

After confirming that the information provided by the other party was accurate,

The Fei family’s intelligence personnel immediately checked and confirmed the identity of the anonymous informer,

And immediately informed the person in charge on the plane via satellite phone,

That they should go directly to Iga City after arriving in Japan,

And control all the core members of the Iga ninja to negotiate with Hattori Kazuo.

The reason why Charlie gave this instruction was to completely cut off,

Any other thoughts of the Iga ninja, and also to play the Fei family a good game.

A few hours later, the Fei family would find that the entire Iga ninja clan has disappeared without a trace.


Seven hours later.

When it was dawn in the United States and night in Japan,

The plane sent by the Fei family finally landed at Kansai Airport.

The person in charge was the first to send a message to Dawson, respectfully reported,

“Master, we have landed at Kansai Airport,”

“After we finish the entry formalities, we will rush to Iga at the first opportunity!”

Dawson said coldly, “Make sure to control the head of the Iga ninja and other key people!”

“When the time comes, cut off all their ears first!”

The person in charge said without a second thought,

“Don’t worry, Master, we will complete the task!”