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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4322 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4322 Start

The moment Jesse heard this, he knew that the other party would definitely not let him feel better,

And was probably even prepared to make him suffer to death,

So he subconsciously cried and begged: “Big brother …… we have no enemies,”

“Why do you want to kill me, big brother… …”

Randal saw Jesse like a dead dog crying and begging, a flash of light in his heart,

Immediately looked up at the monitor overhead, opened his mouth, and shouted:

“Mr. Joseph, Mr. Joseph are you there? The kidnapping of Miss Gu was all this Jesse’s idea!”

“All the details were planned by him, he is the mastermind ah Mr. Joseph,”

“Please help me give a message to Mr. Wade, beg Mr. Wade to give me a lenient treatment ah ……”

Jesse’s whole person listened to it dumbfounded, how could he expect,

Randal opened his mouth was actually for dumping the pot on him!

Moreover, listening to the meaning of the words,

As if the mastermind behind this matter of Sara’s kidnapping has brought him here,

If so, then with the gang that killed his brother, should not be a wave, right?

Thinking of this, he said almost without thinking:

“Randal! Don’t you fcuking spit on people! This matter is entirely your own idea!”

“You are the one who wanted to get Miss Gu, what does it have to do with me!”

Randal cursed angrily: “You usually follow my a55 and lick me with your tongue out,”

“And now that something has happened, you say you have nothing to do with it.”

“Mr. Joseph, just send a few of the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front,”

“You will be able to investigate everything, you think you can get rid of it by moving your lips?”

When Jesse heard this, he knew it would be difficult to clear his name,

So he looked at Randal and said angrily, “Fei, you only think of dumping the pot when you fcuking see me,”

“You are simply stupid! Don’t you fcuking understand? We are both grasshoppers on a rope!”

Randal also saw Jesse’s face and said coldly:

“When you dump the pot, you say it was my idea, but when you can’t dump it,”

“You say you’re a grasshopper on the same rope,”

“You’re really are sinister and cunning, Jesse! I was fcuking dragged down by you!”

Jesse was shivering with anger and said through clenched teeth,

“You said I pulled you down? Back in school, if you hadn’t been doing bad things all the time,”

“How would I have been in your good graces?”

“It’s obvious that I was led astray by you, and now you still bite me back!”

At this moment, in the monitoring room upstairs, Joseph saw the two of them biting each other,

And immediately cut this video and sent it to Charlie.

After seeing this video, Charlie replied to him, “It’s better to let Hattori Kazuo go.”

Joseph immediately sent a voice message to Charlie and said,

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinate will make the arrangements.”

Immediately after that, he instructed the men around him, “Go and get Hattori Kazuo.”

“Yes!” The subordinate immediately brought Hattori Kazuo over.

Hattori Kazuo asked respectfully, “Supreme Commander, what are your orders?”

Joseph pointed to Jesse on the monitor and said, “You should know this person, right?”

Hattori Kazuo fixed his eyes and immediately said angrily,

“Supreme Commander! This is the son of a b!tch who tricked us into coming to New York!”

“Okay.” Joseph nodded and spoke, “Mr. Wade said, go and entertain him.”

Hattori Kazuo froze and quickly asked, “How …… am I going to entertain him?”

Joseph said to the men around him, “Give him your tactical dagger.”

“Yes, Hall Master!”

Without thinking, that henchman pulled out a dagger and handed it to Hattori Kazuo.

Hattori Kazuo, who himself hated Jesse with a passion, took the dagger,

His eyes chilled, and said coldly, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Wade and Supreme Commander,”

“I will treat this son of a b!tch well!”