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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4319 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4319 Start

Jesse knew very well in his heart that once the Fei family started investigating the line of ninjas,

It would be easy to find clues about the Iga ninjas.

He couldn’t help but say to himself, “How will the Iga ninja be a match for the Fei family,”

“And when they face the Fei family, they will definitely confess all without hesitation ……”

“The Fei family will then start backtracking from the Iga ninja, and it won’t take long to find my head ……”

“Although I used a fake identity when I contacted the Iga ninja,”

“The $40 million I called the Iga ninja was not fake money ……”

“As long as the Fei family starts with the origin of the money and investigates upstream a little,”

“It will definitely lead to me ……”

“At that time, how do I explain to the Fei family?”

“I say I’m innocent? Do they believe it? Definitely not ……”

“Then I can only tell them the truth, I actually helped Randal to find a ninja,”

“The purpose is to kidnap the big star Sara Gu……”

“The Fei family must not believe it either, in their eyes,”

“Their young master is a dragon among men, how can he be a human devil?”

“In that case, I will have to reveal all of what he did, and all the information I have ……”

“But what’s the point of that? The first thing the Fei family will do,”

“When they find out that their young master is a human demon,”

“Is to kill me so that the truth can be completely buried ……”

“That will only make me die faster ……”

Thinking of this, Jesse gritted his teeth and said in a stern voice,

“It seems that if I want to live, the only way is to run before the Fei family finds me!”

“As long as I can run out of the Fei family’s control,”

“I can turn around and send all that information to the Fei family,”

“So they can stay away from me! Otherwise, I will expose all the information!”

Then, he raised his eyebrows and sneered,

“By the way, I can use the information to knock them off hard!”

“Who cares about that when we’ve already torn our fcuking faces apart anyway?”

Thinking of this, he put his heart into it and was ready to run away.

So, five minutes after receiving the maid’s text message, he dressed neatly,

With a duck-tongue cap on his head, and quickly left the villa.

The Fei family estate late at night is still a brightly lit and heavily guarded,

But from this guard, the vast majority of the energy is focused on the outside to the inside.

And from the inside to the outside,

As long as you don’t have anything in your hand, you can basically go unimpeded.

This strict entry and exit mode is like flying in, when you go in,

Even shoes have to be taken off to go through the security machine,

But once you get off the plane, out of the airport is all the way through,

No matter how many things you bring, the security guards do not even bother to take a look.

Therefore, Jesse without alarming anyone directly went out of the Fei family estate.

After coming out, originally wanted to immediately take a taxi to leave,

But such places as Long Beach, are the mansions of the rich,

The rich family cars are too much to drive over,

And basically will not take a taxi, so in this place, the cabs are pitifully few.

He saw that there were no cabs around,

So he was ready to go out on foot to walk some distance before looking for a car.

He was also lucky, just out of the range of the Fei family estate,

Saw a cab parked at a crossroads, from the back of the cab, walked down a blonde female passenger.

Seeing this car, Jesse sighed with relief,

And while the female passenger got out of the car and prepared to leave,

He hurriedly got in, and as soon as he got in, he said without thinking,

“Go to the Port Authority bus terminal station!”