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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4316 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4316 Start

“But even so, each year, the profit is several billion dollars a year,” said Marshal.

“So, if I can find my nephew, his value will increase by 100 billion dollars out of thin air!”

After hearing this, Duncan lit a cigar and took a slow puff, then sat up straight,

Straightened his collar, and grinned: “Marshal, what do you think about me being your nephew?”

Marshal was stunned, then he reacted and cursed with laughter, “Fcuk you.”

Duncan laughed and said, “Being your nephew is worth a hundred billion dollars,”

“According to the way you rich people play, spend it until you die, not even finish spending the interest ……”

Marshal shook his head and laughed: “I just don’t know if we can still find him,”

“If he can really be found, and it is estimated that he has not suffered a lot over the years,”

“With his mother’s contribution to the An family, taking the 100 billion dollars is not much.”

Said, he could not help but regret: “Unfortunately, the old man is sick,”

“Really seeing him, he may not be able to recognize him,”

“Even if you tell the old man that it is him, the old man may not believe,”

“If the old man is healthy and well, really see him,”

“I’m afraid he will take out some money to him, for so many years he rarely said,”

“But in the heart, he is really thinking about this grandson.”

Then, he said: “Oh yes, the old lady also saved a lot of money for her grandson,”

“Always said that when they find him, she will give him all of it,”

“Although not as much as one hundred billion, eight or ten billion is certainly there.”

Duncan has been shocked to the state of numbness, so not surprised, just teasing:

“You as a great-uncle, do not express your love?”

“That still needed to say?” Marshal said seriously:

“In my life, I have most admired my sister, my nephew if I can find him,”

“I will give an 18.8 billion meaning, it is estimated that one person can not be less than a hundred it ……”

“Counted down, almost two thousand ……”

Duncan cried and laughed: “pull out and it is Forbes’s world’s richest ……”

Marshal laughed: “That does not count if it is really the world’s richest,”

“That is now ranked first, even the top ten can not enter.”

Speaking of which, Marshal couldn’t help but sigh again, self-deprecatingly:

“Hey, how about two hundred billion? It’s a lot, but when it matters, you can’t even buy a rejuvenation pill.”

Duncan smiled sarcastically, “It seems that you have a deep resentment towards this Pill ……”

Marshal nodded and said seriously: “I really have too much resentment,”

“I grew up, never suffered such a stifling, the owner of the Pill, is definitely a person!”

“I gave him three hundred and seventy billion dollars, but for him, so much money is not as good as his principles ……”

Saying that, Marshal asked Duncan: “Do you know how Douglas Fei, the Master Fei’s power was seized by his son?”

“Not quite sure.” Duncan said, “The Fei family also did not release any news to the outside,”

“They said to the public that the old man is very old,”

“The board of directors agreed that he is not suitable for the seat of the family head,”

“But I know that they must have taken advantage of the opportunity as the old man went to China.”

Marshal grunted: “Older is just rhetoric, the rest of the whole Fei family those wastes,”

“Combined can not be compared to a ninety-year-old Master Fei,”

“The real reason here, is because Master Fei also went to the auction of the rejuvenation Pill,”

“And he opened the price to two hundred billion dollars,”

“Originally after I was driven out, it should have been his success in the auction,”

“But His son Dawson broke his back, also equals to break his way to live,”

“With that old man’s health condition, I think it will be a year at most.”

“Grass ……” Duncan cursed: “This is too fcuking cruel!”

“It’s clear that they don’t want the old man to live too long,”

“And they don’t want the old man to spend too much money. ……”

“Yes.” Marshal nodded and said, “So, the matter of Dawson’s grandson being kidnapped,”

“And being asked for a ransom of two hundred billion,”

“I thought it was quite interesting after I heard the wind,”

“Isn’t this a good fcuking reincarnation of heaven?”