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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4315 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4315 Start

Marshal continued the story: “One of them used a full ten years to achieve their family first heir’s personal butler.”

“That time period was almost five years ago,”

“And that’s when we were finally able to be 100% sure that my brother-in-law’s family,”

“And indeed, did not know the whereabouts of my nephew!”

“And the old man of their family was looking for him everywhere, just like us ……”

“You see this before and after, we just had to confirm whether the person in my brother-in-law’s family or not,”

“Or whether they know any clues, it took fifteen years,”

“All the human and material resources and the energy, basically all went in vain.”

“Finally no way, see the basket of water is empty, we withdrew all the people back ……”

Duncan listened to Marshal’s words, simply subvert the three views, exclaimed:

“You guys this is more ruthless than the spy war ……”

“The whole World War II from the year 1939 to 1945 years,”

“It was only six years, you guys actually persisted for fifteen years …… “

“Yes.” Marshal seriously continued: “You see, these big families are basically doing things this way,”

“Not afraid to spend money, not afraid of wasting time and energy,”

“At all costs, only to not leave any mistakes, the hidden project behind this you simply can not imagine,”

“We in order to not show traces of the talent we cultivate to several big families in the country,”

“More than ten years ago specifically With the Chinese joint venture to engage in a promotion…”

“Of overseas Chinese high school students to return to China to develop activities,”

“We breath nearly a hundred Chinese graduates from major universities in the United States transported them back to China,”

“So that they through the form of social recruitment, they could enter into these families from scratch to struggle to fight;”

“This matter, we have been continuing for more than ten years,”

“And all these ten years, we have to continue to pay these people high fees privately.”

“So you can understand why so much money was spent, right?”

Duncan nodded and sighed: “Understood …… before and after twenty years,”

“Spending billions of dollars to smash a thing that has no results,”

“Only you rich people can afford to burn so much money.”

Marshal smiled faintly: “Not really burning money, although spent so much,”

“But the money in twenty years, it is a little bit spent,”

“And the money placed in the trust and its interest, the profit is also very considerable,”

“Until half a year ago, the account balance is almost a thirty-five or thirty-six billion bar.”

Duncan exclaimed: “How so much? Didn’t you already spend several billion?”

Marshal nodded and said: “Spend while earning, some years ago, the trust income was very high,”

“A good year a dozen points of return is too normal,”

“Plus it is compound interest mode, the money naturally rolled more and more.”

Speaking of this, Marshal said: “So, you sound, as if we are very stupid, and even have a tendency to spend a lot of money for nothing,”

“But in fact, we did not spend any, and everything is done by a dedicated person,”

“And we do not have to do it personally, and finally a total account, in fact, is up with a slight profit.”

Duncan convinced, sighed: “Profit rolls in, money generates money, peace era,”

“You rich people’s wealth is really a thousand generations more huh ……”

He said and smiled to himself: “Unlike me, just fcuking know how to arrest people to solve cases, no economic acumen at all.”

Marshal said seriously: “In theory, as long as the rich man’s offspring control their own hands,”

“Do not take the money out to make a mess, even if the rich man only has 100 million dollars,”

“He puts it into a trust, to ensure that his children and grandchildren will never lack money to spend.”

Duncan could not help but sigh: “If we could find that nephew of yours,”

“Wouldn’t he be worth thirty or forty billion dollars out of thin air?!”

“More than that.” Marshal said: “when the old man’s condition worsened,”

“He was afraid that one day his consciousness would be confused and he would lose his ability to take care of himself,”

“So he filled the account with more than 60 billion, making it up to 100 billion,”

“Then he changed the terms of the trust, the 100 billion principal cannot be touched,”

“All reserved for my nephew, only the annual profit can be taken out for the search,”